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  1. Hi Guys. I am new here and late last year purchased a 55 reg SC430. During my short ownership its has developed a few problems. One of which is frustrating. It's the N/S door mirror, it folds inwards ok, but will not go back to the driving position like the Drivers mirror does. I have to manually move it outwards and when there it is fine. All the other adjustments like up/down work great, as does the in/out adjustments. Its just the folding part which is playing up 90% of the time ( it does work 10% of the time) Does anyone know if if this user fixable or is it beyond our skill le
  2. Hi. I cant see any thread on this matter so maybe someone can help me. My newly acquired SC430 2005 model with the grey/silvery 5 star wheel inserts are in need of respraying along with the actual wheels. Does anyone know what colour these 5 star wheel inserts are please. Many thanks
  3. Hi I have just purchased a Lovely 2005 SC430 and am looking to buy a floor style cargo net . Has anyone any idea where I can buy this item. Lexus unfortunately do not make it anymore, just the Envelope style ones. Much obliged
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