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  1. I think you are wrong. The new/replacement battery for the Gen 3 RX is 70Ah and that is what the dealers quote. It has the same form factor, same enclosure as the 51Ah one. That is at least what I was told by the dealer when I asked for he spec of the new battery. I did not go ahead with it because I already had the 65Ah Yuasa 5005 ordered, which does the job well.
  2. The one you were quoted is already of an increased capacity - 70Ah. Originally in 3rd gen were small, but they discovered the problem and upgraded to a higher spec battery that retrofits with no issues all across the Gen 3 vehicles.
  3. Thanks for that. I have a better idea what to watch out for. A traction battery failure that is caused by a water leak and therefore not covered by Lexus hybrid battery warranty would be hard to swallow. Especially that it is a fine car otherwise.
  4. We haven’t chatted before. Thanks for the information, it seems like a long way for the water to get in from the boot seal and lights cluster. But with water you never know. In my experience the roof bar mounting points can sometimes be a culprit for water leaks (previous experience with a different make) and that is where I would look first.
  5. Thanks for the info. Would checking the boot floor under the covers sufficient to spot this? Or else how to check if the battery is reasonably isolated from the water ingress?
  6. Any ideas how water was getting to the battery compartment?
  7. Happy to report that there is nothing to report :). The battery is performing such that I forgot that it is there. Just gave it a quick check. All good, no leaks etc.
  8. I’m playing Tidal via a Bluetooth link. Works perfect. No need for any cables, mods etc. That is in 450h though.
  9. Not sure about this safety aspect. AGM is still not gel. It is going to leak just as the wet battery would in an event of a crash.
  10. I can confirm that my YBX5005 is doing a fine job. More than adequate to what is required of an auxiliary battery. The 65 Ah vs 51Ah (original) also helps.
  11. It only takes a call to Yuasa and they will send you the elbow adapter. I also noticed they have those in Halfords. They might be attached to actual batteries though ;).
  12. Vadim, If the tailgate motor/ECU unit is no good to you anymore and you are willing to ship it to Ireland, I can look at it myself and ask our technician to investigate. I work for an electronic RF manufacturing company - we don't deal with microchips as such but would know were to look for fault. If we are capable of fixing it, we will and I'll ship it back to you. Let me know if that is of interest.
  13. That is what i put my bet on. On the pictures you show, there does not seem to be a cover over the electronic board. That is odd. I would have thought that it should be encapsulated in a plastic cover with a gasket, or did you actually removed it?
  14. Steve, while I agree there seems to be a correlation between battery failures and issues with the tailgates, the latter might not necessarily be caused by the former. There could be another unknown factor that causes both i.e. an intermittent short on the ECU board draining the battery and ultimately causing the ECU failure. There also seems to be the possibility that moisture and aging effects take place and over time, especially when the boot and therefore tailgate is not in use, bad contact sets in. It has been raining almost every day for the past 2 weeks here and I did not use the ca
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