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  1. Hello Sorry for all the questions but unfortunately I don't have a manual. What brake fluid does the IS300 use dot4 or dot5? Also what power steering fluid is used? Many thanks Dave
  2. Ride height looks good. Very nice looking car
  3. Thank you, I will look into them
  4. I'm looking at getting coilovers for my 2004 sportcross, any recommendations please?
  5. Ah right, I have bought them yet luckily.
  6. Hi Might be a silly question but does anyone know if is200 wide fenders fit on an IS300?
  7. Hello I'm looking for a full black interior for my 2004 IS300 sportscross anyone know of any for sale?
  8. Hello I'm looking for a full black interior for my 2004 IS300 sportscross
  9. Nissan R35 GTR IMG_20201218_144300.jpg
  10. I used to have a lexus soarer which I was going to put a 2jz-gte with a 3.4 conversation in, I had to get rid of the car unfortunately but kept the engine. I saw a couple of sportcross's and liked the look of them, I then out they had the 2jz-ge in them and thought it would be a good platform for the 3.4. I currently drive an R35 The lexus does need a little work, looking for a full black interior
  11. Hello I have just bought a 2004 IS300 sportscross
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