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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I've just checked in the 2009 IS250C SE-L I have available and my personal saloon 2010 IS250 F sport and only he IS250C had the tyre pressure monitoring. It is strange they only introduced it in the convertible but could it be because there is no spare tyre with the convertible compared to the saloon?
  2. I wouldn’t bother paying anyone to install it for you, it’s better to DIY it as you have access to everything and know where it all is. If you need some help i don’t mind helping out if you’re fairly local or a fellow forum member closer to you if yoh prefer!
  3. Hi Gaurav, if you're wanting Apple CarPlay the best way to go about it is an android unit to integrate or replace your existing infotainment. You have two major options, the first being a generic option to provide android / apple CarPlay or you can spend a bit more money and invest in a GROM VLINE or a similar other system which fully integrates into the OEM system and retains all original controls. I'll provide some examples for your below.{"sku_id"%3A"10000010481521254"} If you don't care for audio quality (Or lack a Mark Levinson system) a cheapo android head unit may be the way to go. If you do however care about your audio quality or retaining the original OEM controls such as climate control I'd steer in the direction of the GROM. I personally have a 2nd Gen IS250 F sport and because audio quality was very important to me I shelled out for a GROM and while it wasn't at all cheap, it was certainly worth it at least in my case.
  4. I was under the impression the IS250 2nd Gen didnt have a tyre pressure monitoring system! Was this included in all trim levels or only a few of them?
  5. I don't think it's something to get too worried about. The Americans have lower quality fuel than what is the lowest grade in the UK (95 Octane) so if it is a point of concern you could be using Shel V power occasionally or add an engine cleaning additive to stave off carbon build up. I know this was addressed with the 2009 facelifts but I don't think there are very many horror story cases in the UK for carbon build up. Doing that combined with regular servicing either yearly or every 5k to 10k miles the car shouldn't give you any major issues.
  6. I have both a 2010 F sport and access to my mums 2009 IS250C, there is no window movement with any of the standard saloons so there could be a mechanical or electrical issue with your drivers side. Might be worth taking it to a Lexus dealer and see if they can diagnose it, otherwise hopefully someone else on the forum has experienced this issue and can help you resolve it!
  7. Easiest option is to buy a pretty bog standard aux to Bluetooth adapter and that should give you pretty good functionality. I don’t think steering wheel controls will work so you could consider one with physical buttons to allow you to change track aswell as other Bluetooth options. UGREEN Bluetooth Aux Adapter Car Aux Bluetooth v5.0 Receiver Wireless USB Audio Adaptor with 3.5mm Jack for Car / Home Stereo Music Streaming Built-in Microphone Plug & Play Auto on Handsfree Car Kit There is also a way to retrofit somewhat native Bluetooth into the IS250 stereo also via a product like this, I’ll link to the forum member who mentioned this.
  8. I’ve got a Texaco right next to my house and have been filling up with the E10 there and I’ve noticed significantly worse economy compared to their super unleaded E5 before September. Even with a somewhat light foot I’ve been getting roughly 22mpg in my tank average! On top of that the fuel prices are an absolute joke at almost 150 per litre so on the occasion I’m driving past Derby I’ve been filling up at Costco as it was significantly cheaper (125) until recently and that’s now at 140ish. I think with my next full tank I’ll be sticking with the E5 exclusively as the extra £10 to £15 should hopefully bring me back up to high 20s and low 30s! If things keep getting worse I may have to consider getting a hybrid or consider an LPG conversion 🙄
  9. Definitely, the good thing is with yours being a pre facelift vehicle I believe the GROM works 100% OOB unlike mine which required some work haha. I believe there is a group guy going on for the GROM unit on the Facebook group so you can get roughly £100 / $100 off so that might be worth a look!
  10. To be honest it is alot of money to part with, however it depends what you are after. With your vehicle being a pre facelift, you can easily get a much cheaper android head unit for as low as £100 and it will provide the full android experience as well as Apple CarPlay. Now while you get this, you will lose the OEM functions of the cars infotainment and you'll need to tinker to get your existing parking camera to behave with the android unit. Not to mention Climate Control will not be as it was (sometimes this will be via buttons or a dedicated climate control app) and audio quality will be seriously degraded due to the cheapo Chinese DACs and components. Now putting all that into perspective, if you don't care about the audio quality and retaining full OEM functionality the android unit does seem the better option. The benefit of the GROM is that it keeps all the OEM functions intact, and the biggest thing for me (being a musician / audiophile) the quality of the audio is not degraded in a significant way and my mark Levinson system sounds fabulous. For me that alone was worth the money as I sought out my facelift IS F sport for a while because it was one of the new facelift vehicles I've seen with Mark Levinson audio as they seemed to not make it a standard option!
  11. SGS engineering would be your best bet, two of the struts I've linked will allow you to open the boot with minimal force and can be done with your finger. If you want the boot struts to open automatically when the button is pressed, a suggestion that Ahmed made to me is If you add a medium load compression spring to the struts this will provide enough force for the boot to auto open but still allow it to be closed with ease (the caveat of higher strength springs that it makes it harder to close the boot) so this is a good alternative! I haven't got around to this myself but you should ask him for specifics
  12. I think I heard this tip from Chris Fix, but using a a Ceramic Coating to seal the headlights may be a good option to ensure they do start discolouring too soon!
  13. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I may have an interesting update for everyone. I've got my mums IS250C with only the one key, and the key itself is somewhat unreliable in opening the car despite multiple battery swaps. I've got the car booked in with Lexus Nottingham to diagnose the car for me but I've also arranged a guy from CAT AUTOKeys to pop around on Friday to supply me with a replacement genuine OEM key and program it for £250 all in. They're a local company to me in Nottingham but they seem to cover a range of areas in the midlands and reviews seems to look quite good. From what I saw they've managed to do a Genuine RX450h key based on their social media. I'll let you know how I get on, but I'll ask what's the procedure if both keys are lost and how they can get into the vehicle also as well as prices... could be handy including finding out if we can programme keys via toyota tech stream!
  14. No worries, I'd recommend getting it from somewhere like Amazon. I bought a VLAND set of tail lights and headlights via the official VLAND website and they've lost my tail lights in the mail and I've had to open a PayPal case against them to send me out the tail lights! Customer service leaves alot to be desired so Amazon will be much better in that regard 🙂
  15. Many documented cases on fellow members of their VLAND headlights passing without issue at MOT, however it depends which garage you take it too and how particular they are. The VLANDs will need adjustment out of the box so they may fail it on that basis if adjusted poorly. Yeah the VLANDs will fit the IS250C no problem
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