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  1. Wow that is certainly alot! The only reason mine is £95 as I changed vehicles mid policy so that doesnt hinder me too much financially, thanks again for the advice Linas its very much appreciated.
  2. Sadly you are right, my premiums will take a big hit unfortunately. I had a bit of a fiasco where with my first car (A corsa) I moved from NG2 in Nottingham to NG8 when I bought my house and they doubled my insurance from £90 to £180! With any luck I can keep the premiums to less than £200 I will be happy as that was what I used to pay so I can certainly budget for it,
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words and very handy advice! Sadly you are right, even for various of my family members Insurance they would have been much better off dealing with the third party directly. I did manage to speak to the insurance company and they chased it up with the engineer who was assessing the damage, thankfully they have actually authorised the repair and that will be going ahead now! At least thats not an expense I need to worry about for the moment, my excess is only £95 which isnt too bad!
  4. I was only doing a few miles per hour probably no more than five, and the other guy was doing 30 and it was more of a scrape from what I can tell. Airbags were working from what I can tell!
  5. Hi folks, despite COVID and lockdown affecting everyone in 2020 my year went rather well and I ended it off nicely with the purchase of an IS250 F Sport. Unfortunately after a sat nav mishap and coming to an awkward junction I did have an accident a few days ago in which the bumper and driver side got taken out. The other person I don't believe was at fault an independent party cause an obstruction in the road so that blocked my vision and I didn't have enough time to react sadly. As annoying as it is, thankfully me and my partner left without any injury and am currently awaiting for my
  6. Cheers mate! Honestly insurance was one of my major concerns, I was planning on waiting til my 2nd year of driving but with the corsa dying I checked with my current insurance provider. To change vehicles mid policy my quote jumped up from £80 to £140 a month which isn’t bad as I was paying that pre Covid for the corsa. Thankfully I’m working from home so I dropped my annual miles from 10k to 2k and just social driving! Generally my insurance is quite high compared to most most but should slowly come down over time. Haha I’ll hopefully keep an eye out for you mate! At so
  7. Cheers mate, I was after an ultrasonic blue for quite a long time and I was never quite able to find one within my budget sadly so the black is a nice alternative!
  8. I’ve spent a lot of time looking into this, I’ve recently acquired an F Sport 2010 IS250 and I believe 2010 IS250s with iPod / iPhone playback the only viable option is the GROM VLINE 2. Ive actually just ordered this tonight so can let you all know my experiences when fitted. This applies to NAV cars only NON-NAVI vehicles can support any android unit I believe. For any car 2005 to 2009 with NAVI or any non-NAVI there are several android units that can replace either the top portion or the IS infotainment or the entire thing with a Tesla style unit. With android, you’ll have the ability
  9. Hi guys I’ve been driving for almost 2 years and ever since I passed I’ve had my eye on a Lexus purely because you don’t see many of them on the road. Thanks to the many active individuals on this forum, I learned so much about Lexus as a brand, the rock solid reliability, the luxury and the refinement and after test driving an IS250 I was not disappointed one bit and was immediately sold! Finally after my poor corsa broke down, I decided to take a plunge and I bagged a 2010 Lexus IS250 Automatic F Sport and so far I love it! Hoping to be an active contributor on t
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