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  1. :wow: Can I put my name down for IS300@whatever.com pleeeeeeez seeing as I seem to have lost UK.IS300@lexusmail.com
  2. Anyone else out there been using lexusmail.com email addresses ?? Seems like the service has been out of action for a day or two and I can't find out why. Any clues ??
  3. Colours ? How about matching some from the Lexus paint colour charts, silver might not be easy but I like the blue (obviously).
  4. Was reading in a magazine the other day in WHS that Yokohama have a new "quiet" tyre. Can't for the life of me remember what mag it was though.
  5. We only met once in person but feel I need to wish you all the best. I worked for while in the USA, in New York, and enjoyed every minute of it. It frustrates at times, but it certainly excites. As they say over that side, enjoy !!
  6. Not noticed the gear chane problem but have some problem with the radio, goes click [silence time is variable] click on again (how on earth do you type a problem like that). Is in the menders today so will let you know what the result is.
  7. "Sad" is a word that comes up in my house, but today she has a Yaris on loan as baby has gone to the doctors. I think she will be the first to moan about that, and only two days without it.
  8. Is that primer, surely he is not going to leave it that colour - something in a nice shade of pink would suit that restrained styling.
  9. 2002 IS300 does not have the ones at the back, but still has the ones on the right. I use mine for an air pump. Perhaps we should have another poll, see what people use them for !!
  10. Here is another link for you http://shop.store.yahoo.com/lexusparts/aldastray.html
  11. Strange, I have a 1 month old 300 and it came with Pirelli PZero Rosso
  12. Morph - was it in the car when you got it or did you have it fitted after. Any idea how much it costs to put in :?: