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  1. Thanks for this! Surely if I'm replacing the oil cooler hoses I need to do this from the bottom when I'm connecting it to the oil cooler lines. FYI I've not had a real dig around in the engine bay yet, but from what I remember connection at the gearbox end is not reachable from above?
  2. I realise this subject has probably been done to death.. but I'm going to replace the radiator myself on my LS430 as a preventative measure, and I had a few questions. Firstly I'm thinking of buying a Nissens rad from CP4L for £100.. In my experience Nissens make very good OE plus rads .. has anyone had experience on whether they're a good fit? No open ports that shouldn't be there? Secondly I'm doing the coolant hoses and oil cooler hoses whilst I'm at it, which I'm getting genuine parts from Lexus parts direct for pretty cheap.. however you can't get the hose clamps from them.. and Lexu
  3. Haha the infamous. His tenure was before my time, but it changed hands before I joined. But I've heard all the stories about him.
  4. You're better off staying in Lancashire.. we can't move around here for charges and regulation.
  5. I didn't realise they went in to so much detail on every car. I thought cars were just classified as Euro 3, Euro 4 etc. and didn't think Euro 4 was even conceived until 2005. Well that's a weight of my mind! Mines LPG converted as well, so I can even get in to the congestion charge free of charge!
  6. Are there any other LS430 owning Londoners on the forum? Since the ULEZ charge zone is expanding in October to the whole of London I had been on the look out for a replacement car for my 1998 5 series. I noticed that LS430's were all coming up as ULEZ compliant on the reg checker on the London transport website. I thought this was a bit strange for a 2001 4.3l V8, but rubbed my hands together and went out and bought one. Now after looking more into what makes a car ULEZ compliant, I noticed that it has to be Euro 4 or above, which is 2006 onwards! So I'm completely confused why
  7. All lovely cars. Most Coupes are showing their age now, you need to be really dedicated to own one of them lol. I worked at Munich legends for years so lucky enough to have driven pretty much every BMW oddity going. Although I’m well out of my comfort zone if I drive something from before the 80’s. E3’s, E9’s, 2002’s etc. E28, E30’s etc. That’s my golden age of cars.
  8. Thanks for this! I’ll keep it bookmarked in case the need arises 👍🏼
  9. Thanks Shahpor. Well the current fleet consists of an E30, E34 and E39... but I’ve owned E36’s and an E38 750 on top of that. I’m trying to get ULEZ compliant, hence the Lexus purchase 🙂 I was a parts manager for BMW for a good few years up until 2018, so I’ve been slightly spoilt with accessible cheap parts lol. I think those days are over for my new daily smoker lol.
  10. Thanks Mikey. I tried both of these. The Lexus one doesn’t recognise the VIN. The first one just shows the correct model and year but no information available around spec. I’m guessing there must be some issue with Lexus VINS
  11. Thanks for this Steve. One thing I guess I’ve taken for granted with BM is that they’re very good at keeping their heritage cars on the road. Apart from the odd non essential trims, you can pretty much still buy every essential part going back to the 70’s. Re. The radiator/cooler issue, I hadn’t heard of this so thanks for the heads up! I Wonder how pricey this repair is to do for preventative measures.
  12. Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum after putting a deposit down on a 2002 LS430. I’m from a classic BMW background so I am finding some big differences in being a Lexus owner. Firstly parts and accessories that aren’t completely modern seem to be very thin on the ground. From a BMW perspective, a quick internet search will show you pretty much every accessory or part made in the last 40 years. I’ve been doing a few searches for period correct accessories for my soon to be Lexus and there is nothing out there at all. You’d usually expect some dead stock somewhere online, or even old
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