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  1. Guys, we've done some measuring today and the light bulbs get 12V, both relays in the boot show 4.5 Ohm. I've noticed that there is still a little bit of dampness in the boot, so I'll pick up a dehumidifier tomorrow first thing and I'll lock it in the boot for a good few hours. Once everything's crispy dry, I'll start looking again at issues.
  2. Engine Compartment x2 Passenger Compartment x2 Boot x1
  3. Hey Mark, firstly thanks for the reply. Yes, I've noticed the satnav drive in the boot, I've removed all the boot liners, so now it's just bare metal exactly for that reason, to make sure everything is completely dry. My battery should be fine, it's an Optima Red Top RTC 4.2 racing battery from my RX-8 that I've taken off the road for winter. I'll try the battery reset now, and I'll get the seal sorted as well as soon as it stops raining.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I'm having an issue with my 2002 Lexus LS 430. There was an unfortunate leak in the trunk, the car's been parked up for a few weeks so I didn't notice straight away. I've locked a heater in there for quite a few hours yesterday and now it's bone dry again. I know for a fact that all the bulbs are working, so there could be no issue there. Hazards work, however the stop lamps and tail lights, and the reverse parking light also doesn't. I've checked literally all the fuses in the car, all are in order. I've got in the car today, had it idle for about 40 minutes on the dr
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