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  1. I had the maps (5 Discs) updated on my 2013 Rx450 in early June with latest version 10/2020 cost £205.
  2. UPDATE After three months of procrastination VW Parkway, Derby reimbursed 50% of the original invoice for fitting the cambelt and carrying out an MOT. By waiting three months the concept of Damage Limitation is obviously not part of their management ideology. With regard to VW Customer Services - the perfect oxymoron - and as much use as a chocolate teapot. I am sure I would have received more empathy and help from the Cats Protection League. It has been noted that several LOC members have experienced improved/additional service after having issues with Dealerships. I still do not have confidence in Parkway and their Technicians so it is highly unlikely I will return to their premises. If anyone cares to look up the reviews of VW Parkway on Trustpilot they will see that it appears their service and treatment of customers is endemic to the whole group.
  3. There are always deals out there of saving 10% to 15% if you buy 4 tyres
  4. I was under impression AWD meant it was permanent drive to all wheels, whereas 4WD gave the option of being 2WD or 4WD I wait to be enlightened
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