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  1. strut brace mount
  2. necromax

    Strut brace

    Strut brace
  3. Stop & Tail LEDS
  4. I think you will find that the 'woofer' element of your rear speakers are two ohms, but the tweeter element (its two speakers in one), are 4 ohms. The fronts are 4 ohms too IIRC If you are thinking of amping the rears, you might be better re[;acing the standard 6x9s...
  5. Non smokers ashtray
  6. Custom Tweeter Mounts
  7. I have one of these kits, never been fitted to my car. Its the mirror & sunroof version. My IS will be going soon, so its up for grabs :)
  8. necromax

    Stealth box

    This stealth box is going up for sale, PM me if interested
  9. The instructions I have indicate that they stick on top of the original
  10. Sounds like an issue with your piggyback ecu for the supercharger perhaps? I am no expert, but I think that might be the cause
  11. Isn't Billsy selling his? I think he put it on Ebay as no one went for it
  12. I just got two track rod ends, about £70 for the pair. If you can find a CES they can get them
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