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  1. strut brace mount
  2. necromax

    Strut brace

    Strut brace
  3. Stop & Tail LEDS
  4. I think you will find that the 'woofer' element of your rear speakers are two ohms, but the tweeter element (its two speakers in one), are 4 ohms. The fronts are 4 ohms too IIRC If you are thinking of amping the rears, you might be better re[;acing the standard 6x9s...
  5. Non smokers ashtray
  6. Custom Tweeter Mounts
  7. I have one of these kits, never been fitted to my car. Its the mirror & sunroof version. My IS will be going soon, so its up for grabs :)
  8. necromax

    Stealth box

    This stealth box is going up for sale, PM me if interested
  9. The instructions I have indicate that they stick on top of the original
  10. Sounds like an issue with your piggyback ecu for the supercharger perhaps? I am no expert, but I think that might be the cause
  11. Isn't Billsy selling his? I think he put it on Ebay as no one went for it
  12. I just got two track rod ends, about £70 for the pair. If you can find a CES they can get them
  13. Get well soon Geoff, all the best mate
  14. Hmm... just found this, makes for interesting possibilities....
  15. If you use the Dragon CAM with a geniune Sky card it should work. Not tried it yet, but its certainly something I want to get working for my Media PC project. You have to remember to note the serial number of the sky card or something when its in the genuine sky box, and enter it manually on the software on the PC. I was reading up on it a couple of weeks ago, will see if I can find the link
  16. Thats great news mate! I'm pleased for you :)
  17. I want to change the switches on mine, so a wiring diagram would be very helpful... no one got one on here?
  18. 2001 IS200 Sport Fitted at 43k 9k later, no problems (My IS had a supercharger fitted/removed prior to me owning it from 34k, no idea how long for though) Serviced by Lexus
  19. I'd be interested in a pair of the xenon whitish ones...
  20. I have had my V3 almost a year now, found it to be generally ok, don't like the menu system much, prefer the functionality of the Sony Ericssons I think. Got to be a K750 or W800 for me next. The main screen failed on my V3, but Motorola were very good, had it back fixed in a week. I think its all releative to what you want from a phone, as others have mentioned.
  21. Have a look here, its us version, but you'll get the idea
  22. I'm sorry to see whats happened to your car mate. Some people just have no respect for other peoples property these days....
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