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  1. Thanks everyone. I hope this stays this way and dont have any issues further. Really love the car other than this annoying issue.
  2. Guys thanks all for the feedback. I called Lexus UK and they told me it doesnt sound right, so they called the branch i bought it from and have advised them to relook at it. They said they found corrosion in tailpipe and needed replacing. They replaced for free of charge, Now I have got the car back and am still paranoid haha does this sound normal now? Any feedback appreciated thanks IMG_1940.MOV
  3. I bought it from Lexus Guildford. Ive taken it back there twice now and they have done the same thing. Emptied the exhaust and said there is nothing we can find. I have also taken it to Lexus Edgware Road and they have also said the same thing. I should probably contact Lexus UK. Does anyone know who I have to contact if I want to speak on the issue? and also the exhaust place? Know any around the London area? Thanks all for the help. I have only had the car for about 1.5 months im sure they have to cover all costs as its basically new from them
  4. They emptied the exhaust and found a little bit of water. Done it twice as I took it back there to them. They then said couldnt find any other issues and deemed it as safe and normal. Nothing to worry about, Have now given it in writing that this is ‘ normal exhaust noise’ and to not worry.
  5. It definately does not sound like that😭. Its on 66k miles at the moment. I bought it a month ago and Lexus have said they have done all the checks and cannot find anything wrong with it. Dont know what to do tbh
  6. Hey guys. I recently bought an Is300h from the dealership. Used. Had it for about a month now and from the exhaust on idle it makes a weird bubbling noise. I have taken back to the dealership and they have given to me in writing that nothing is wrong and they have thoroughly inspected it and this is normal exhaust noise. I am not sure however. The car drives perfectly fine and nothing wrong with it I just dont like the sound of it. Could anyone clarify this for me please?
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