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  1. I opted out from the side chrome because I didn't know if I would like it or not based on the pics they advertise online. Thanks for posting these, definitely looks better than I realized.
  2. I would say I spent about a grand, majority of that price from OEM parts since they are super expensive and the rest from aftermarket parts that I've posted here. I mostly ordered all of them all at one time after I got my car, they are now just slowly arriving one at a time. I'll post them all when I get the time. I found it a hobby or honestly a stress reliever installing and wiring parts on my own and seeing them being built to make the car look better and better, just like how I did with my previous owned cars. I think I've pretty much reached all there is to install in this ca
  3. Haha yes I initially wanted to place the knob on the bottom left empty button area but placing it at the steering wheel base was the easiest move.
  4. All from amazon and eBay, lots of good find if you search up "Lexus ux"
  5. Brake/gas pedals (brake replaces original, gas is a slip-on)
  6. Retrofit Nissan interior accent lighting, easy install since you are tapping to the original footwell lamp. Installed these on my previous Juke and Rogue, this accessory really changes the interior environment as you can choose from 20 different colors and it comes with a knob to change your settings.
  7. Various interior trim pieces (more on the way from mail), I would say the quality of these pieces are 10/10, it really made the interior stand out, its a must have! I had to remove the center console to prevent damage or scratch from the hard steel pieces, so warning during install.
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