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  1. I used to own a black Volvo C30 & it was a nightmare. I found Meguires quick wax was my friend & I still use it now.👍
  2. I purchased an IS300h about 18 months ago for a similar price that you are talking about, it was 3 month old with 6 miles on the clock. I have loved every minute of owning & driving it & intend to keep it for quite a while.I went for the comfort package with protection pack & it has everything I want on a car. The stereo sounds good to me, but I only listen to Virgin radio on DAB.I am getting between 50 & 60 mpg, but again I am not a speed freak.😀 I would say go & test drive one & make up your own mind, I came from a Volvo.
  3. I moved from Volvo to Lexus & love everything about the Is300h other than having to pay road tax.😀 Mine is a 2020 model so unfortunately costs about £140 a year, but I can live with that as it is such a lovely, relaxing, comfortable car to drive. I quite like the eCVT personally, but understand some people don't. I would say test drive one yourself & see.
  4. Welcome, can't help with questions, but I hope you enjoy it.
  5. My 2020 IS300h Comfort pack is £155, I believe it changed around 2018/19.
  6. I bought mine through the AA after getting a ridiculous renewal from Saga, I managed to get it for £265 with protected NCB. I also think it could be postcode area & maybe age?
  7. I would definitely ask about a service contract, I bought one for my IS300h & they gave me a discount, plus you know exactly what your service cost are going to be over the next 3 years, so well worth it. I turned down Supaguard, gap insurance etc. I would ask if you can get the winter pack added for a reasonable price, well worth it in my opinion, rubber mats, boot liner, mud flaps & bumper protector.
  8. Congratulations great choice. I have read that the Cat on an IS300h is quite awkward to get to, so that maybe a deterrent o its own. Gracenote is to do with music recognition I believe, track names, albums etc & how it is read. Never used a faraday case, I believe you can turn the auto unlocking off though if you wish.
  9. My renewal is £350 Fully Comp, protected 20years NCB, 60 years old, overnight in garage, 8,000 mile a year. I have been on comparison sites & had a quote for £250 with the AA, similar excess & courtesy car.
  10. Just a thought, as it is less than 12 months old does it not come with breakdown cover from new?
  11. My Lexus 2 part touch up paint says do not shake before use?
  12. From memory, you just go online to the DVLA website & put the plate on retention, they then issue a new plate or the old plate if it hasn't been used already. The retention certificate should then come in your name, for you to do what you wish with.
  13. Yes, I agree it is a shame because I really like the size of the IS, the ES is to big for my needs & the UX too small so I may have to keep this for a long time.😃
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