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  1. I am sorry to say most of the lights in my house are Philips Hue controlled by Alexa mainly. I have Hue Blooms in 2 rooms, most of my lamps & ceiling lights are white Hue's & I have quite a few Lily Hue's in the garden. Certainly in excess of 20 as I have 8 in the garden & have just bought another 6 that I haven't positioned yet.😊
  2. Thank you for that, but I still don't understand how 2 cars from 2020 have different values though, as Sept 2019 was the cut off point & these were only the last few that were allowed to be carried over from Sept 2018?
  3. I must say that is a Bummer being close to 100k. What would the cost actually be for the TPMS valve & the shock absorber though?
  4. Can anyone explain to me what has changed in the CO2 results for Lexus cars? My Late 2020 model is 137g/km & early 2020 models are quoted as 104g/kg. That seems to be quite a difference for what could be cars actually made next to one another on the production line. Just wondering?
  5. My god, what on earth did you have done? Would the current warranty not have covered any of the work? As for the breakdown cover, you can get some very good cover for a lot less than Lexus are saying it’s worth, so I wouldn’t say it’s £750 worth.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but the average 2 year warranty extension was roughly £1,000? For 2 years? if you own the car for 6 years that is £3,000, that can pay for quite a few repairs if needed, if not needed you have the money for a nice holiday. 😃
  7. Now as one of the new Lexus owners I think the Relax plan is very good. I normally buy Pre reg cars & keep them for about 5 years, I have never had an extended warranty on any car I have owned, but I have also been very lucky & never had a problem with any of them. I have always used main dealers to service the car for the whole length of my ownership, so for someone like me I get an extra couple of years cover for nothing more than what I would have paid anyway. So for me it’s a win win.
  8. I have just put some SRP on it & Ultimate Wax, but it still looks as bad.
  9. I have just gone over it with some SRP & there is no colour on the sponge pad, I have also put some Ultimate Wax on it, but it still looks as bad.
  10. Well I tried some Meguires Ultimate Compound tonight & if anything I think it has made it worse!!! I am now concerned I may have taken the Clear Coat off on the stain, I done a 6" x 6" area like it said & went over it about 5 times wiping it off each time. How much would it take to rub the Clear Coat off?
  11. They certainly do on mine, its a standard model with comfort pack & protection pack, 70 plate.
  12. S60 is a very nice car, I considered one before I bought my Is300h. I have had Volvos for the last 9 years & they have been trouble free really other than a couple of recalls, if you can find a good dealer for service etc it makes all the difference. The menu system can be a bit quirky, but like everything it becomes second nature after a while, a bit like the Is menu.😊 Enjoy the car.👍
  13. Thanks, what about scratch X 2.0?
  14. I had the car outside today & it is barely noticeable from any angle, it just seems to be in the garage under the lights. I may leave it & see if it self heals in our nice hot summer.😊 On the off chance, has anyone used Meguiars Ultimate Compound for removing this type of stain or is it too coarse?
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