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  1. Will make sure we keep the part and come back here and offer it up
  2. So I managed to speak to someone in Lexus parts and asked if it was a common part requested. He says Lexus doesn’t have frequent issues, but he does get asked for this part semi frequently and it could be considered one of the most common issues. He didn’t know the exact causes, but suggested age and others thought that pulling down on the boot rather than use the electrics causes the motor to over heat and fail. he also corrected our part number (why is it so hard?!?) to 68910-48023 for our 2012 (61 reg) rx450h We tried Lexus and other parts companies, but they all stated a 3-4 week
  3. Yes thank you! Thanks to the first comment we’ve found the proper part number (68910-48033 or 68910-0E024 - in case anyone else looks for one)
  4. We charged up our aux battery, still nothing. So this wasn’t our issue.
  5. I think the motor contains the ECU so the connection to the lights fail... but no idea really.
  6. Thanks Malc, we’ve found ones from the UAE for less than £300 🥳
  7. He didn’t tell me if he had a code, but I can ask. What he did say is that he tried all the electrics and they were all fine, so it was a process of elimination that it’s only the motor that could have failed. We have been pouring over all the posts here, tried what we think is everything, with no success, hence why we took it to a diagnostics expert
  8. Hi all After struggling with our tailgate on our RX450h not opening (no beeps or lights in the boot either), a diagnostic expert has come to the conclusion that the tailgate motor/activator (the motor in the headlining on the passenger side) needs replacing. Lexus wants over £900 +VAT for the part 😩 We can find loads on ebay for the Mk2 version, but need the Mk3 (2009-2015) version. Any possible leads we find that a scrap yard may have one have come to nothing and the only one we can find is in Lithuania (long time to post - circa a month, plus all the VAT and custom charges post Br
  9. Hi @Herbie would you be willing to send me the details you sent to the others? We are having the same problem but intermittent (most often doesn’t work), tried charging the aux battery, but that’s not helped thanks in advance !
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