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  1. ive heard a mixed bag with these I was following the usa yellow paint flakking off issue that kia covered for free as they painted the car to thin. also alot of critic re fake vents lol hows the pull/speed? and 0 to 60 speed?
  2. as a former audi a4 owner that cost me thousands in repairs ££££ reliability is a must now lol
  3. new or used? i only do new tires. i refer to online shops like black circle and others for four ps4 tires.
  4. Im on my 5th car now. my 1st a 1.6 1988 ford escort mk4 gia all black (had faulty full gauge lol) serviced myself, 2nd 1997 black 1.6 mk6 ford escort si full mondeo 24 body kit, 3.5 inch pipercross exhaust sounded like a beast serviced myself. 3rd 1.8turbo black 1999 golf gti mk4 dump valve and tints added (was a police magnet 😥) serviced myself. 4th 2007 2.0tfsi black mk7 audi a4 quattro special edition 2.0tfsi was the 1st car I owned full audi dealer service history and I added a further 5 audi dealership stamps to it so was pleased when I sold it had a 13 year full audi dealership history m
  5. At the moment my car has four davanti dx640 tires previous owner put on as a cheapo option I dont know the cost of them. I cant complain about them yet as ive only pushed the car in straight lines. so not sure their full performance envelope to be honest but id have more confidence with a known brand to push the car.
  6. Im thinking to get all round RAINSPORT 5'S I had rainsport 3's years ago and they was good only let down was the soft side walls making car feel boat like but Ive read they've improved for 5's plus for four new 5's around £700 price point which is reasonable money and within my budget especially when you get punctures and have to replace them. Id love to get the ps4 tires but for four looking at a crazy expensive £900. Is the any quality alternatives to the rainsport 5's? for about same money?
  7. yeah sure can chat about any subject at any time 🙂 so do you need to change any of them now? don't know if i mentioned more normal pattern with my previous cars was change rears every four years and fronts every two years im hoping same with this car.
  8. Also there is some new tech on the horizon called SOLID STATE batteries which tesla and also I think Toyota looking at.
  9. Agreed I love the Japs logic with simplicity vs German (new) over engineering that fails on the 3-4th+ owners. also I have watched a ton of videos on the new Porsha tuycan and vw 4 something where they either cannot charge or charge their cars very slowly pains, Toyota ceo is right to say the world is not ready for all electric yet.
  10. Question does my car have a limited slip diff or some kind of equivalent system that's just as good? is it on all the wheels or just some?
  11. On my previous car Audi first thing I did was purchase the largest most powerful battery money could buy and it was a five year battery around £180 I think from Halfords. due to knowing how loud I play my music and the battery drain lol as a result the battery lasted only four years and Halfords had to change for free so the next owner will get another five years battery use lol with this car I have now it is troubling me how to deal with this again as I have no history of when the current battery was last changed but what I mite do is ask Lexus service centre to test the battery life to see h
  12. Wellllllll I blaze my cars Mark Levinson 15 speaker 835 watts system like I’m in a nightclub best system I’ve ever had it’s so powerful it’s shocking on my prev audi 220 watts I had all the setting up when I tried the same thing in the Lexus almost blew my ears out so now only have bass one above normal all I can take 🤣
  13. I felt a little better today my car is a heavy beast at 1800kg I was reading the latest bmw competition is 1900+ weight and the latest Audi A7 sport back weighs 2000+. Both v8 equivalents power as is mines. 😎
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