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  1. I have cleared all the faults on my software apart from 2 can anyone tell me what codes H1 and H2 are on a second Gen GS300 2003 Thanks
  2. Thanks I was actually given a download for my car by a member here but I must thank you for your help
  3. Not actually sure if Haynes do a manual if not what would the nearest Toyota manual be for a GS 300 second generation be great if they did it for Lexus just can't find one
  4. Anyone got a link to GS 300 second gen exhaust part numbers diagram Thank you in advance.
  5. Only problem I found up to now was the VSC seems to be very sensitive changing a tyre can set it off
  6. Never knew the man but from posts left here he was very well liked and clued up on the Lexus. Condolences to family
  7. Anyone know best place online (cheapest) to buy a O2 sensor for a second gen GS 300 Thanks
  8. thanks I cant ignore it there is virtually no power
  9. Thanks found it I have faults showing heater sensor 1 and 2 and misfire on cyls 6 4 2 not worried about the heater sensors just now but what can be causing the misfires
  10. Anyone know where the obd point is on a 2003 GS thanks
  11. Oh sorry took the injectors out and cleaned them that was my first move
  12. Straight 6 ,think I will replace camshaft and crankshaft sensors and see if there is a difference won't do any harm Both sensors are easy to access and reasonably easy I believe to change.I am upgrading my software to main dealer software on a laptop it may help identify the problem.The car is really sluggish and I feel a slight vibration over 50 Jim
  13. Slight misfire very fine but software tells me cylinder 2&6 slightly out of sync I just thought it would be the sensor on the crankshaft not communicating properly with the ecu BUT this is not my area of expertise. Jim
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