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  1. Apologies this was written on my phone which isn't working correctly and had no idea how nonsensical it was. Thanks for the feedback. James
  2. Hi all, Anyone know what this plastic triangle is? It's only on one side. Was there she I brought the cat. I want to tear it off but worried what it could do to the paintwormy. James
  3. Hi There, Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore, any chance you could let me know what the device was as i am very interested in getting one. this worked n a pre-facelift version right? Thanks James
  4. Has anyone tried this, is it possible? wondering if you can and if you get the extra functionality of the with the locks?
  5. Thanks Chaps. The start hopefully of many improvements. Next I fancy the vland rear lights. but i just dropped £800 on wheels and tyres so should probably hold fire for a few months.
  6. Well they're on, subtle difference but love them.
  7. Hi there. has anyone else had this issue? I just noticed after last nights downpour that the is water in the indicator. Assuming the seal has gone. Are they easy to repair or replace? thanks james
  8. Thank you sir. that's great! just what I've ordered
  9. Hey Colin, I finally managed to source the front wheels. I've ordered the tyres as above and National tyres are querying saying it would typically be 255/35R 18s? Any help would be great. James
  10. Lexus IS250 f sport Alloy Wheels rear only 18 Inch 8.5j. Condition is used. In good condition but minor cosmetic damage. I bought them from eBay and have never used them. No tyres just the rims. Technical description: multi-spoke/F-sport/15-spoke wheels, ISP Mode. Will take offers. Looking for £150 for the pair. collection in Blackheath London, or can discuss shipping.
  11. Hey guys, if anyone here happens to see or hear of two front alloys of this type for sale would really appreciate a heads up. They seem to me rarer than rocking horse ****. thanks James
  12. I saw this lovely IS250 for sale on Facebook marketplace and noticed the additional front splitter and rear bumper and spoiler which all look great, are these factory fitted or aftermarket? They all look like subtle ways to give the car a more sporty appearance and would love to do the same to mine. Thanks James
  13. Hi Colin, Do you know the specific name for these wheels, i can't find much online to search for the front two i 'm missing. Any help or pointers is appreciated as i can't find any available currently. Thanks James
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