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  1. Data readings Idle for IS220D 2008 IS220 2/21/2021 8:19:34 PM [Engine Stored] System [Parameter] [Value] [Unit] Vehicle Speed 0 km/h Engine Speed 792 rpm Calculate Load 25.4 % MAF 7.53 gm/sec Atmosphere Pressure 99 kPa(abs) MAP 95 kPa Coolant Temp 55 C Intake Air 13 C Intake Air Temp (Turbo) 21 C Engine Run Time 41 s Initial Engine Coolant Temp 53.7 C Initial Intake Air Temp 17.5 C Battery Voltage 14.1 V Alternate Duty Ratio 35 % Accel Pos
  2. Just replaced 5th Injector with a new one no change on smoke and cleaned EGR few times still smoke , still injector 4 at +5.0 mm3/st
  3. I will connect pipe and bottle of water to overflow , remove the rubber on the cap and see if i get any bubbles - should i let it warm up
  4. OK did compression test through the glow plugs , Cylinder #1 320 psi , Cylinder #4 325 psi (suspect injector at 5.0 mm3/st) So what now
  5. But - after a while few min the smoke turns black , and the exhaust leave black soot on ground , temp stable, car judders on acceleration and sometimes gets Injection malfunction code P1238 but can clear and does not come back for a long period
  6. The value is + 5.00 mm3/st Was thinking head gasket , at full rev there is some movement in the coolant but though that was normal, i will try a compression test see what i get across the cylinders
  7. Hi Problem with Injector number #4 - 5.0 mm3/st 1) Swap injector #4 with #3 no change in #4 still 5.0 mme/st - so cylinder 4 always giving 5.00 mm3/st no matter what injector 2) Put new reconditioned injector in #4 - no change in the feed back volume 3) In active mode stalled fuel injector 1,2,3 & 4 no change in injector #4 What is the problem Is in the DCU, wiring issue , seal or cylinder valve issue Have the full readings , i can post
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