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  1. Wise words from your mechanic friend indeed! 😄 Otherwise, I didn't need to get to the outer handle end, but it shouldn't be too hard after removing the plastic cover. 🙂 *EDIT: I actually remember on my old BMW X5, outer handles were disassembled from the outside too, so it's probably the same with Lexus.. if you ever need to. 🙂
  2. Hey all! I managed to sort the issue with my rear doors, so I'm sharing here in hopes this might help someone else in the future! What was wrong is the cable had slipped out of it's ending tip (blue on the photo below) and when the car tried to lock it, the cable would just bounce back out and unlock the door. What I did was stick the cable back in it's tip firmly, then used ducktape to tape it in place. I used a lot of tape to make sure it doesn't move and it's very firmly taped too. (Tape the blue tip to the black cable covering so it doesn't slip out again) One of the doors had th
  3. Okay so I got techstream today, which didn't return anything related to the doors/locks. Meaning the issue is most likely mechanical. I will go ahead and tighten the brackets that hold the cable in place on the inner side of the handle, hopefully prevent them from moving if that's the issue. If this doesn't help, I'll be even more at a loss since I have no other ideas currently. @Illogan There's no bends on the cables that I know of. They go in a pretty straight line from the actuator to the inner handle, so i don't see how they could be bending.
  4. Okay, i might try to attach it properly even though I read that people glue these on to the brackets, but mine never came off the bracket. I might try having some electrical tape around the plastic bit that goes in to the bracket to make it stick there firmer and see if this changes anything. I also just purchased a techstream diagnostic so waiting on that in a day or two to see if anything pops on it. I will keep this thread updated for sure! 🙂
  5. I should also add that the manual "button" on the inside of the doors that should lock/unlock the doors manually from the inside is very stiff and hard to operate.. but doesn't seem to operate properly as well even after the actuator change, which comes with cables.
  6. Hi m4rkw, thanks for the prompt reply! There's nothing on the dash indicating an open door when they are all closed. I thought so too, and tried each door and it would indicate that it's open only when it's actually open, so door sensors seem to be fine. I'm currently not in the UK at all, so it's not an option unfortunately, but if I can't seem to sort this out I will seek out a garage for help at some point.
  7. Hello all! As per the odd topic title, I have recently purchased an RX400h, which I'm very happy with. Since it's an old car now ('07) it obviously needs some TLC, but i'm also happy to do that.. so I started with a few things, one of which is the rear doors were not locking when locking the car. The doors would not lock with the key or through the driver's door button, but in both cases the car does try to lock them and you can see the locking buttons inside moving rapidly, but then ending up unlocked. So, i thought the issue here would be either the cables or the actuator itself..
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