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  1. The 3rd generation of RX350 and RX450h have identical suspension parts. Weight is also roughly the same, so I would expect no issues with different springs / shocks characteristics.
  2. The replacement of air suspension to sprung suspension on RX450h mk3 is technically possible, but you need to replace both front and rear, and disable the air suspension controller. The front is easy, because the spring is on the strut, and the fixing points are identical for air and sprung. The problem is at the rear: since sprigs are separate from shock absorbers, and the lower rear wishbone is different for air and spring suspension, you’ll have to replace the wishbones(£50 each side used) add top spring mounts (£30 each side used), put springs (£100 each side new), and ideally re
  3. Lexus eCVT gearbox used in RX450h is a very reliable unit, which contains two electric motors, planetary gear and differential. It does not have friction plates and switching gears as in a traditional automatic gearboxes, and for this reason requires less attention. It has about 5 litres of Toyota WS AT fluid as lubricant. Lexus service manuals and dealership suggest that the AT fluid is filled for the entire life of the car (one could wonder whether it is the warranty life or the service life). Common sense suggests that the AT fluid has to be changed in older cars with hundreds thousands m
  4. Also note that 100k miles of heavy city driving may do worse to the car than 200k motorway miles. Normally the state of seats and steering wheel tells the story.
  5. I would prefer to see at least some MOT recommendations and MOT test failures with consequent MOT retest passes. This way you know, that the MOT did real inspection, and that some things were found and fixed. If an old car has absolutely blank MOT pass history, it means either a decent level of preventive care (good) or some paper only MOT (may well be the case for a £5k car). Don’t take it for granted. Regarding the service history, even with dealer it is no guarantee, that the car does not have some material issues. After the warranty is over, dealer may only recommend
  6. Any DIY information provided on this forum assumes that the users of such information have reasonably sufficient knowledge and experience in mechanical and electric works, and are able to evaluate related risks, including the risks of using aftermarket parts. If that does not hold, any works not covered by the user manual should only be done by a specialist mechanic.
  7. In RX450h you can connect a phone via Bluetooth. Messy as hell with the ancient Lexus multimedia system, but once set up works fine. There is also a 3.5mm Audio-in socket in the storage box between the seats.
  8. I’d suggest to avoid SE-L, because of air suspension. It is not just expensive to repair, but also much stiffer than the normal suspension. Also if you find one with ICE (entertainment displays for rear passengers), dot’t agree to pay an extra penny for it - these displays are absolutely useless and outdated.
  9. Rear shock absorbers in RX450h AL10 is one of the parts “built to last”, and rarely require attention. However, if you have RX450h SE-L with pneumatic suspension, and decide to replace the rear shocks for some reason, mind that they differ from the ones used in sprung suspension. Particularly, the shocks for air suspension have less travel for compression and a built-in spring, which prevents full expansion (though it can be expanded to approximately the same length as normal shocks with some force). This is differences compensate for the specifics of air spring as opposed to co
  10. RX450h 2009-2015 has a rubber belt, which drives the water pump. All other aggregates are either part of the eCVT (starter/alternator) or are fully electronic (air conditioner compressor). The auxiliary belt is 7PK810, and generally does not require much attention. I decided to replace mine at 186k miles, as part of a major service. Access: remove the front right wheel, unscrew the plastic panel which covers the main shaft and the water pump shaft, loosen the tension pulley with a 14mm key (turn counter-clockwise), remove the belt from shafts. While working on the belt
  11. The acid in car batteries is mixed with water, so that the concentration is far from 100%. It can irritate skin after a few minutes and make holes on clothes, if left unnoticed for >10min. Overall, I think if you start to worry about potential acid spills from car battery when the car is overturned, then it may be better to avoid driving at all. There is highly flammable petrol, high-voltage hybrid battery just on top of the petrol tank, glass which can break in a crash, cars moving at speed in opposite direction and a lot of other sources of risk. Having said that, point taken. S
  12. I bought the car with this issue when it was 184k miles (2011 reg). I'm sure the steering column was not replaced or repaired before, so it is quite a mileage ) This issue may often be a reason for sale, because when the previous owner starts to worry about the noise, dealer asks over £2k for the replacement. It is just one of the weak spots to look for in older RX.
  13. When a battery deep-discharge, all car electronics shut down. What safety reasons do you mean? No battery blows up when deep-discharged.
  14. It is just a 12V Pb battery of D23 shape. Nothing more, no magic in the original Panasonic battery either. The battery is fixed as usual, not upside down. A 12v battery for hybrid is not much different from any other, except that it does not experience peak currencies, because it does not need to turn the engine starter (that is done by the large hybrid battery, which is also the primary reason of 12V battery longevity in Lexus hybrids). Some people consider Lexus as a kind of starship with a lot of super-high-tech secrets. In fact, when you go to a dealer, they poor the same Castrol oil
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