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  1. Hello Nick, Thanks once again. Regards, Bal.
  2. Hello John, Thank you for the feedback, I have not contacted NFU yet, hopefully they will meet my requirements. Regards, Bal.
  3. Hello Vlad, Thanks for your reply. Adrian Flux were one of the most expensive! I have been on price comparison sites and now checking other options. The RX400h has full Lexus service history and this was a key requirement, cannot wait to drive it!
  4. Hello Harry, Thank you for your reply, you appear to have got a good multi car and home insurance deal. I thought that LOC may have negotiated preferential terms with specialist car insurers.
  5. Hello Nick, Thank you for your reply, I posed the question in case LOC had negotiated with specialist insurers to provide better terms or members might have their own recommendations.
  6. Hello Malcolm, Thank you for responding to my insurance query. I checked the LOC site for insurance information and only Adrian Flux were mentioned. I thought that LOC might have negotiated preferential terms with other specialist insurers or members might have recommendations from personal experience.
  7. Hello Vlad, Thank you for the welcome, I'm sure that the information on LOC will be interesting. As regards car insurance, I thought that perhaps LOC might have negotiated special terms with certain insurers. I settled on buying the Lexus SUV as it met all my needs - reliability, great build quality, hybrid for economy and reduced pollution, keen handling, refined ride and is in the luxury class! I did consider the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 but the Lexus is far superior.
  8. Hello John, Thank you for the welcome and I'm sure that I will find the forum, as you say, educational and informative.
  9. A 'BIG HELLO' to all, I am pleased to have joined the club and hope to participate whenever I am able to make a valuable contribution or to seek advice. I'm eagerly looking forward to becoming the proud owner of a RX 400h and hope that I will be overwhelmed by the experience! Feedback to that effect, I am hoping to provide by next week. Now for a SOS - I have been in contact with Adrian Flux for car insurance and would welcome recommendations for any other providers. Thank you.
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