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  1. No idea what you do for a living Nick, but I am no doubt there are many times when you say to yourself "what the hell am I doing this for"? Now you know one of the reasons beyond that of family and work in that order. Revel in it, it's your time in life to expect the best and no doubt you fully deserve it.
  2. If Ev's are that reliable and simple to fix via straightforward component swap why wouldn't Tesco do it let alone Tesla? For example Costco do an ace job on tyres and stuff why not?
  3. I'm going for the one from Waitrose because it attracts a better clientele who know in advance it will be reassuringly expensive 🤩
  4. I also bought one of these and yes it works however I find it too big and cumbersome to open close but great for my spare. I then bought a Monojoy boxy zipped thing which equally works well and it takes 2 house keys. But it's also bulky when you don't have a jacket on on warm days. But being England that won't be too often 🤣
  5. As the Knight in the Indiana Jones film said Nick, "you chose wisely" both in a wife and a car 😘
  6. Congrats Nick on your acquisition and at the start of a fine weather week 🎂 the review estimates 6s for 0-60, astounding but don't wont to think about tyre wear 😱
  7. Agree entirely, and as I forecasted in an earlier piece this will be an unintended consequence of the Lexus Relax programme. The same resistance to change is being seen in the smartphone market. Vendors are touting their latest model iteration as "game-changing" when in fact, the user, sees them as being not significant enough in either functionality or economically to warrant a change. And when you add the mantra word "sustainability" to the debate the argument not to change is even more compelling. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it does it? 😎
  8. Kirk Kreifel on YouTube has an in depth review of the all new 4 model NX range. Significantly different to the existing range, worth a watch
  9. ..... is....... Totally dependent on how much brandy is put in the thing in the first place 🤗
  10. You may not know but the UK Tax Code is 17,000 pages long 😱 yet the most heard complaint is rich people avoid tax because they can employ fancy accountants and lawyers. Compare that to Hong Kong where it 276 pages 🍾
  11. Read it to the last smile 👍I can appreciate your pain but you have identified a fabulous opportunity for the equivalent to a GAP insurance policy . This would cover the "gap" between Relax and the previous warranty so shouldn't cost too much. Let's hope some one is listening maybe even Lexus! The other point is Relax isn't "free" it is conditional and I hate to say this but if the Advertising Standards Authority were on the ball they might just question this and other statements regarding the warranty.
  12. Absolutely, revenge is a dish best eaten cold. 😅 And if Reading won't budge others will, bear in mind it's typically once a year so no major trauma .
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