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  1. I had a Viesmann installed 2 years ago and so far so good. Made the decision after reading up a lot. One thing I did discover was every engineer I spoke had a different view of what's best so no help there. Another thing I liked is they employ their own service engineers so no "who sold you this then" comments 😊
  2. And the great thing was, no expletives, lavatorial references to bodily functions purporting to be funny. There was however the occasional and delightful innuendo which relied on your knowledge of the subtlety and nuances of this wonderful language of ours - just marvellous 👍
  3. But Ed, even paranoid people get followed sometimes 🤔
  4. So what you are saying Ed is; impress your neighbours by authoritarialy speaking on a subject where, if challenged as to its veracity you would defend your position by stating there's a definite possibility of a firm maybe 😊. Are you a politician moonlighting as Ed I wonder 😎
  5. Len I have a problem with your seventh word. It sounds too much like another Biblical referenced human activity 😉
  6. Go the whole hog Ed, Tamami in Japanese means woman who is a beautiful gem🤓
  7. Oddly enough Len people grow shorter and wider is their some form of correlation here?
  8. Am I missing something here chaps? If the tea came from China and China invented porcelain China cups, didn't the cups crack for them as to the best of my experience and knowledge the Chinese do not add milk to tea?
  9. Really keen to know more about the driving experience but to continue the thread 6 SPOONS!! 🤯, for what you paid out I would have expected at least a canteen of cutlery 🤣
  10. An interesting social vignette Ed but where's the moan exactly? Do explain 😉
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