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  1. As I understood it cars had to be Euro6c compliant from Sep 18 but lots of manufacturers started before that so just because you have a car that’s older than a 68 plate wouldn’t necessarily mean you didn’t have the PPF fitted. As Colin said above the BHP was reduced from 471 to 464 in order to meet Euro 6c so I would assume if your car has 464 bhp then it has the PPF fitted. People have reported exhaust noise has been reduced with the PPF but not sure if that’s true for the LC.
  2. Fantastic news, thanks for the heads up 😀
  3. Hi, it should be possible. Have a read of page 51 onwards of the LC500 navigation manual which explains how to do it. Link here: Regards, Eddie
  4. Hi Barry, I bought Kevin’s old LC500 from Edinburgh last month which they had up for sale for 57k which was a 67 2018 Sport + with 24k miles. As they had only just got the car they weren’t very flexible on price but I did manage to get a few grand discount. The good thing about buying from Lexus is they will give you a year’s Lexus warranty which is worth £1500. You should be able to offer low 50s for the car which I suspect they will accept. Regards, Eddie
  5. Seems the Tokyo police also like the LC500. Wouldn’t fancy getting arrested and being put in the back seat though 😀 F06CD304-6D56-49E5-8230-FED2AD79D63C.webp
  6. Hi Brian, I will echo what A J. has said, the hybrid is great until you drive the V8. Test drive both if you can so you can compare for yourself. The hybrid will give you better economy but the V8 is still very economical on the motorway where you will easily achieve over 30 mpg. I have only had mine for 2 days and like you fell in love with the LC when they first came out. Only negatives I can think of is lack of Apple CarPlay on the pre 2020 models and no 360 camera, other than that it has everything you need. Regards, Eddie
  7. Hi Kevin, Picked the car up on Saturday and the weather was perfect all weekend so had a great time driving. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive and is very comfortable. I had read that the fuel economy was great for a V8 and I was pleased to see I achieved 34mpg coming back from Edinburgh pottering along at 70. The LC500 is a different beast to the GLA45 I had previously which was all about the turbos, the instant acceleration when in the higher revs is highly addictive not to mention the noise of the V8. The climate concierge works very well which surprised me as I ha
  8. Thanks A J. Hopefully it won’t be an issue.
  9. Hi everyone, I have read the issues people have been having with the fuel filler cap sticking on the LC500 and noticed in the manual it says you can release it from a switch hidden under a tab in the back seat. The one I am due to pick up on Sat has had the fix done by the recall but wondered if anyone tried this? Would be good to know should it happen. Thanks Eddie
  10. Pick the car up on Sat 24th so only 5 sleeps to go, not that I’m counting 😀
  11. Yes, this year will be very busy. The sales guys at Lexus Edinburgh told me 4 of them did it with 2 in a V8 and 2 in a hybrid. That is a very nice work jolly. 😀
  12. Thanks all, perfectly timed with coming out of lockdown and the weather improving. Fancy doing the NC500 at some point as well.
  13. Lexus Glasgow sent me the attached which was the press release for the updates which gives you all the details. lexus-reveals-the-2020-lc-coupe-an-evolution-of-luxury-motoring.pdf
  14. Hi All, I have been reading the forum for a while as the Lexus LC500 has always been a dream car of mine even though I had never seen it in the flesh so to speak. I decided to start looking a couple of weeks ago and booked a test drive in the hybrid that they have in Lexus Glasgow where the kindly gave me the keys for the afternoon. As luck would have it a lovely V8 also appeared in Lexus Edinburgh which I decided to also test drive. As I have been lurking on the forum for a while I immediately recognised the KSW1 registration and sent Kevin a message. Kevin has been absolutely brilli
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