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  1. Any idea where I can get a rear wiper blade from? eBay strangely silent on the matter. If anyone is wondering, the cross section of the rubber is different to a front blade so they are not interchangable. TIA
  2. Going back to fundamentals. Do all tyres, when new, have the same depth of tread?
  3. Any thoughts on taking your Lexus to a Toyota dealer for servicing? Or, indeed, repairs?
  4. Looking around other news groups it is difficult to find anyone with a good word for extended warranties. I appreciate the people who find them satisfactory are hardly likely to post a message. So has anyone here used an extended warranty company that has paid up and given satisfactory service?
  5. Car coming up to three years old and have been offered an extended warranty by Lexus for one year for £825.00. Seems a lot for a car which is supposed to be of above average reliability. Any comments? Any suggestions to go elsewhere for similar cover at a more resonable price? TIA
  6. Has anyone a source of wiper blades for a RX300- just the rubber bit if it is easy to change - as genuine Lexus ones are ridiculously priced? TIA
  7. ......(snipped)...... Where would you fit that engine heater? Which model did you get? Does it draw power from the 12 v battery? If so how much? Is there any danger of flattening the battery when it is running in the garage? Regards Billy A couple of points which may only have peripheral importance. Years ago there was a heater on the market that required a small section, 2 or 3 inches, to be cut out of the bottom radiator hose. The heater was fitted therein with a couple of Jubilee Clips. The power lead from this led to a three pin socket in a convenient place; somewhere that woul
  8. It maybe is being suggested that it is brokers and not insurance companies that are hiking premium prices in succeeding years. In my original posting - September 14 - the broker who suggested the £489 premium is the same broker I had the NIG renewal quote (£574) through. This seems to indicate to me that the broker was embarassed by the size of the renewal quote. And this does indicate to me that it is the insurance companies, or at least some of them, and not generally brokers who hike prices and hope public inertia or apathy stops clients searching.
  9. And so we seem to go full circle. NIG is the company who wanted a massive £574.37 to renew for my RX300. See above posting - September 14th. I am drawn to the conclusion that NIG, and companies who underwrite through it, are the ones who give you a good initial quote but over the subsequent years the premium rises to overtake over insurance companies quotes and they are hoping that inertia will keep them the custom. Shop around and be prepared to do so every couple of years.
  10. [snipped]......................... Also... how many miles doe you get out of a set of pads (typically)... I have 12k miles, might ask them to check amount left and if not a lot then see if they'll swap them in while doing the recall. Hopefully only cost me the cost of the pads then. When I had my first service done after 8,000 miles I was told that the pads were 10% worn. I'm not a hard driver so I think they should last quite a few miles yet. Also had a brake recall letter yesterday morning. Is it suggested that I go in with my tank level as low as possible?! Does it get topped up?
  11. Current insurer wants £574.37 to renew. Broker suggests £489.26. Saga quotes £314.28. All with legal cover and max NCD. Initial quotes from insurance companies are often low to entice your business. They then creep up to overtake others. Shop around and be prepared to do so every couple of years.
  12. David (Call me Dave) Cameron has bought a RX400 to go with his green image.
  13. On BBC 2 tv this coming Friday at 7.00pm is a programme called "The Gas-Guzzlers Versus The Greens". According to the tv preview in Saturday's 'The Times' supplement called 'The Eye', "The 'Money Programme', however, discovers that car-makers have a cunning plan. The new Lexus RX400h will be launched in Britain in July - the first environmentally friendly, pert-electric, part-petrol SUV". Could be a load of rubbish or could be interesting or, more probably, a mixture of both. That the date of transmision is 1st April is purely coincidental, we trust. Or should I watch Emmerdale?
  14. I didn't get the valet. But my tank was filled up. So those who arrived with a low reading got more; must bear that in mind if there is another recall! Difficult to see how you get a full tank if there is some already in it - gallon cans on the back seat? By the way, the current Lexus ads are stating the RX purchase price includes a full tank. I didn't get this when I bought last September. Indeed, on the 48 mile drive home the amber warning light came on and I had to fill up.
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