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  1. Hi Ken, Thats an interesting comment! I have asked for a face to face with Steve Settle and will raise this question with him and see what they say. Anyone else had any contact from LGB or have you all given up and changed your car for something more drivable as many of you that have emailed me seem to have done? Michael. Hi Mike, I have just been given an RX350 courtesy car as mine gone in for minor niggles, and i must admit there seems to be no lurching at all. I dont know if its just this particular car but whatever ECU they have used or changes they have made seems to have done t
  2. The only point that I would add is to try to find out what their customer service is like. This can be very important. My experience of Lexus Newcastle is first class. They fought my case and got me a replacement new car to be delivered in october (New upgraded model). Other people have failed to get satisfaction. Also my limited contact with Lexus Bradford has been very good. I suggest you look at some of the threads to establish where some people have had good and bad experiences. Billy Hi, did you manage to get a replacement RX due to a fault on the vehicle? If so what was the fault a
  3. Hi Michael, ive been reading all your comments about the lurching problem and am fed up with this fault on my RX.I purchased mine from Southampton and am contemplating asking for a full refund due to faulty goods.Surely we have some rights here!!?
  4. Hi mate, can you tell me who you was dealing with at LEX CROYDON as i have the clonking noise that needs to be sorted. If these guys have fixed your car they will obviously know what to fix.. I have many good dealings with Croydon but need your contact name regarding this issue please.
  5. Hi mate,the answer to your question is yes Lex GB did pay for the respray.., but let me know if you get anywhere with this legal issue..It would be very interesting to know!!
  6. Hi mate,did you have any come back from the dealer about what this clunking problem was, as my RX has been doing it now for a few weeks..
  7. I have Jan 2004 RXse and have recently noticed a cluncking noise coming from either the gear box or maybe the drivers shaft when i am slowing down to aprox 30mph.Its very annoying and wondered if anyone else has had this problem?
  8. There are at least three of us on these forums who have had exactly the same experience (myself included, but was driver's side mirror thanks to a transit van)... short answer to that question is a resounding NO, however. The specifications of the vehicle as well as its technological and safety features (i.e. the electrochromic mirrors which use a phosphoric gel charged with DC current) are in the public domain and the onus is upon the owner to mitigate that risk. L. Did you also have to have door re sprayed or did you manage to get it out. Thanks Thanks There are at least thre
  9. The same thing happened to me with the wing mirror. The gel behind the glass ran down the side of the car and splattered everywhere.It stained the paintwork and had to have a respray---nightmare. How about you??Did this happen?
  10. Quick question regarding the corrosion of mk2 alloy wheels- Mine are starting to show rust on the central disc by the lexus logo on the middle of each wheel. Does this allow me to get the whole wheels replaced under the warranty, or does the rust have to be on a larger scale on the alloy itself. Some advice would be very helpful- as i have read that quite a few LOC members have had alloys replaced on the warranty due to rust!!! Cheers
  11. I had exactly the same problem with this sh***y die running down my car and got a full side respray from Lex Croydon which was under warranty, but had to pay £150 for glass replacement. As i said in my earlier post if this ever happens to anyone else put a cloth under the mirror to stop this thick die running down the paintwork straight away.. Its a nightmare!!
  12. I must admit the rear parking sensors are a very good extra, have Lexus brought out front sensors yet for mk2 RX??!
  13. Ive just bought a new tomtom go 300 portable satnav for my RX. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got a similar satnav and if so where the hell can you put the damn thing!!? It will stick on my windscreen and side window and also on the wooden centre console, but will not stick properly anywhere on the dashboard. Can anyone help , any advice(tips) please on the best place to view it!?
  14. I'm thinking of getting the LEXUS ICE system in my RX mk2, i have been quoted just over 2 grand by LEX Croydon fully installed. Does this seem too much money, and should i consider the equivalant systems from the high street stores. Or should i just go for the cheappy option and get a system with 2 screens from Argos,ebay etc..?
  15. Just looking for some advice...! My RX mk2 was in a particular Lex bodyshop for minor repairs and was due to be picked up today. I went along with my tiny Toyota Yaris courtesy car to collect my RX only to notice a big chunk and some scratches on the rear bumper AND a foot long deep scratch on the side of the car under the doors. The manager seemed puzzled how and when this had happened, so i told them to keep the RX in the garage over the w/end and demanded a quick fix for early next week. In the meantime im left with this tiny Yaris over the long w/end (with 2 sml kids) and no room for car s
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