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  1. Using the Lexus (UX250H) at start the screen shows the radio and the ventilation and the charging or discharging of the battery screen. Radio big, the other two to the left above one and other - on the site of the analogue clock. If I plug my iPhone 12 in the whole screen goes to my navigation application. Is there a way to have the navigation show and still have the other two small squares (ventilation and the charging or discharging of the battery) showing? Thanks
  2. could be but I do not notice any difference on a warm or a cold day, day or nicht. it is equally annoying at all times.
  3. set on atomatic. tried it with climate control turned off, even worse.
  4. My new UX250h has a problem. If I open a rear window, I get an awful noise and it pulls a vacuum that is loud and uncomfortable on the ears (vacuum). It happens in any window position, also opening the front windows at the time makes no difference. It happens at all speeds over 30 and get worse if you increase the speed. Is this normal? I mean it is a Lexus. I have had small cases of it in previous cars but if you then moved the window a bit up or down it was gone. Not here. It is there to stay till you close the rear window. Is there maybe a trick? Does anybody else
  5. Does anyone have experience with this? The problem is that the dealer installed a towbar with a D-Value of 5.7 (a Brink 6918, Class A50-X). No problem because I don't want to pull a trailer anyway and it is generally assumed that a hybrid or electric car should not pull a trailer. Before that, I never thought about it, because on my old one I would always have the bikes on the roof. Now I am discovering that many manufacturers want a D- Value of over 7. And with that I can't use those. So, did someone solve this out there? Any suggestion? Ideas? Thanks.
  6. this is what Google throws up
  7. you may indeed. that section in my service booklet is not signed by the dealer. hence I suspect it did not happen. and since the vehicle is displaying some rust underneath i want to prepare a statement to the dealer proving he should have noted this and reported it, and hence did not do his job.
  8. Thanks. Sounds, in my case, like a car salesperson sharing unqualified information.
  9. thanks. good to see so many of you have checked real life reality as to consumption.
  10. Thanks Sundance. I knew that on different days or different brands the Ethanol levels vary. But good to hear about the Octane levels I did not know this.
  11. Thanks, good info. Did you Lexus run quieter or the likes?
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