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  1. my phone button works as should it is phoning with the voice command I am after.
  2. hi Las Palmas, interesting stuff you write. I did not realise this. And indeed a lovely car it is.
  3. Hi Herbie, your car is fun! Japanese humour maybe? Anyway would love to see if mine has that sence of humour too. it works pretty good for me with radio channels, so was hoping it would with the phone. So what is your setup? Any idea as to why it does nothing in my car?
  4. I have my iPhone connected via a USB cable to CarPlay. I can use it fine with navigation, music etc. so setup is OK. I can make phone calls (in/out) if I use the screen and navigate to the phone icon or the phone button on the steering. However, if I try to use the voice command button on the steering, it tells me something like there is no phone connected. Any idea as to how to fix this? Thanks
  5. Mine was done by the Lexus dealer before i took delivery, and I was not impressed by the 'service' I got up to now. So not sure if they did or not. I too had the same thought as to not check because of cost and I too have removed tow-bars in the past with great effort.
  6. thanks duotone! looks like a lot of work for a few bolts. any idea what a garage would charge for this?
  7. Ha, well found, thanks. Not sure if it applies to mine as it is a 2021 model, these instructions are for 2015
  8. I have a Lexus’ UX 250H with a towbar (Brink) for my bike rack. The towbar manufacturer instructions state one needs to tighten up the bolts after 1000KM of towbar use. I am about to reach that and want to know if anybody knows or has instructions as to how to remove the plastic undercover at the rear to get to the bolts of the towbar. Thanks folks.
  9. aha, around here there are not many hills like in Sutherland or Cairngorms. will keep an eye open though.
  10. Thanks Nick. Amazing you once 100% mine seems to always hang around 3 stripes, maybe 4.
  11. I did not know this will have a look at it next time I am in the car.
  12. I will do that, good tip. my service is soon so do it then.
  13. very interesting and useful indeed, the link, thanks for that William. also your post also helps to understand more of what is happening with our computer on wheels.
  14. Thanks. What do you mean by this? I usually have 3 bars seldom more. anybody has more?
  15. HV Batterie SoH (State of Health) how to check in a UX250h 2020 model. Does anybody know how one can do this oneself? Thanks
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