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  1. Thanks John, Sorry for the delayed reaction. I forget that an email isn't generated on this forum, if someone has added to a thread that I have also participated in ... or is there a way to achieve this? Cheers, Chris.
  2. Some really helpful comments here. Thank you! I shall most likely go back to Shell 98 octane next time (for its cleaning ability) although I could be tempted by ethanol-free Esso premium ...
  3. Thanks to everyone else for your comments too. Much appreciated!
  4. Until a few days ago, I have only ever used Shell V-Power, at 98 octane, in my RC F. Last week, I filled up with Texaco's premium fuel, only to discover that it is actually 97 octane. Should I be concerned? I typically accelerate hard perhaps 3-4 times on a 50-mile trip, usually where the limit is 70mph, so for just a few seconds. Otherwise, I am in traffic, like everyone else. Do I need to lay off the hard acceleration until I can top up a decent amount with 98 octane?
  5. Hi John, Is 21st August a "definite"? Would we have our own parking area? Thank you.
  6. I recently tried to update the satnav maps over-the-air but my RC F does not recognise my "MyLexus" account, so it won't work. Apparently, there have been a number of issues with the car not "talking" to owners' accounts, even though the dealer has set this up in the car, at the point of collection. My local dealer is waiting for someone from H.O. to get back to him about this. Given that this seems to be a known issue (not just with F-cars, I suspect) I am disappointed that a solution has not been immediately forthcoming. This is not a reflection on the local dealership, which has been good. Has anyone here experienced this problem and, if so, do you recall how it was resolved? Thank you! P.S. We are entitled to two OTA map updates a year and whilst I normally use TomTom, through CarPlay, I would still like to have the car as up-to-date as possible, for those times when I leave my phone behind. I also like the reassuring subtle beeps when cameras are near! (My car is a 2021 model).
  7. I use the double lock all the time, along with a steering lock and putting the keys in a Faraday pouch. I'm not really paranoid ... !
  8. You will need a lot more time to wash it - people keep stopping to chat about the car! A neighbour told me recently that someone was taking pictures of it - hopefully, for the right reasons. It looks stunning (inside and out) and the sound is awesome. Performance is great too!
  9. My experience of Porsche dealers has been in keeping with those experiences shared here. However ... My experience of Lexus Croydon couldn't be more different! I have never had such a great buying experience as when I bought my RC F (and I have bought a few toys, including boats, over the years). Nothing was too much trouble, yet they were not over-the-top. They even had my new car professionally detailed (at their expense), rather that simply valeted. When the salesman wasn't there, his manager stepped in to answer emailed questions, always on the same day. The Porsche dealer from whom I ordered a car either couldn't be bothered to answer questions, or came back days later. His manager was just as bad. Indeed, as a result of poor service from the Porsche dealer and - even more significantly - the EU's treatment of the UK over Brexit, I cancelled my order for a 911 and bought the RC F (and an MX-5 RF) instead! Had the Porsche dealer been more like Lexus Croydon, it would have been much more difficult to "let them down". I should mention that I have no connection with Lexus, other than as a very satisfied customer.
  10. Thanks David - I guess I am one lucky fellow to own one!
  11. Agreed. That's why I bought one! I've had mine for a couple of weeks now. I love it! I was only using the Cayman as a performance benchmark. Before I bought the RC F, I was considering a Cayman S but ordered a 911 instead - 6 cylinder engine, sunroof etc. Three months after ordering the 911, I took objection to the EU's treatment of the UK, and cancelled my order. Instead, I bought 2 Japanese cars - an MX-5 RF and the RC F. The best decision I have ever made!
  12. Sorry for the late reply - I receive email notification of responses on the MX-5 site, but not here, so I assumed that no-one had responded. Thank you for the early responses - It looks like we are in Porsche Cayman S territory! Excellent! Thanks again. Chris.
  13. I shall be taking delivery of my new (standard) RC F in a few days and I am curious about its 0-62 mph time. Not because I intend to "track" it (I won't) but because it seems almost impossible to get a meaningful figure for my car. I intend to run it in, as recommended by Lexus, so it will be a while before I can find out for myself. Whereas most manufacturers quote times for all of their models, the RC F brochure only shows performance for the track edition (4.3 seconds). There seems to be no consistency of results between different You Tube tests, so I wondered if any RC F owner had undertaken their own tests. If you are one such person, I would really appreciate hearing how your car went. Based on what I have seen and read, I would guess that the current 472 hp standard model should arrive at 62 mph in about 4.9 seconds, which is the same as a base Porsche Cayman with a PDK (dual clutch) gearbox, but I would really like to know ...
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