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  1. be honest I often feel that the environment is a convenient smokescreen (pardon the pun) for the government. Now....20 zones, that's a bit different. Frustrating when the A1 Holloway Road is almost all 20 and lined with endless speed cameras, but down suburban residential streets, kinda makes sense.
  2. If you're going to try with Lancaster, remember to mention any club memberships you have, often get discounts through that. They were expensive this year for my LS430, ended up through one of the comparison sites actually for decent premium/excess/extras package.
  3. Just a quick one here, bear in mind the type of road you'll be on. Motorway cruises, aren't a hybrid's best friend, so the Civic might be a good shout. On the other hand, if most of the miles are going to be in traffic, totally different story. Maybe its worth asking if dealer will offer a warranty or see if thats an option from a third party?
  4. Well that confirmed my hypothesis, though its probably just going to make the premiums go up for new customers, rather than down for renewals. It's quite the palaver to answer all the questions, and be on hold for so long just to go through that process. The cynic in me says that it's deliberately complicated to dissuade people from shopping around, so maybe if nothing else, that would become more straightforward?
  5. Hi guys, I’m reaching out because I’m in a bit of a dilemma. After some research, I’ve seen people install the Grom VL2 to their LS430s, mostly across the pond in the states. It’s a nice solution that adds CarPlay/Android Auto while using the original interface. I even have narrowed it down to the exact part number LEX3LVL2. Good news is GromAudio have a UK website, bad news is they only offer the previously mentioned version in the US. Instead Grom UK have a product listed as LEX3VL2 which is compatible with similar years of GS, RX, and even the 01-03 Prius, yet the compatibility chart lists the 00 (01MY)-03 LS430 non compatible, while 04-06 use the newer LEX4VL2 (same with Prius and RX, but not the GS). So onto my question, is the touchscreen just a common part across various cars? Do the stereos have a similar setup in terms of connectors? Or am I stuck because of the flagship nature of the LS? I’m going to contact Grom as well and see if they are able to help, and update as I go along with this project. Here’s the link to the compatibility chart
  6. It’s interesting that a lot of competitive market sectors do try and offer some level of loyalty incentive. I wonder if insurance having a captive audience (we legally must be insured) allows the industry to take a different approach?
  7. @Herbie That is a very good point. What is worth mentioning is to those who want to try the comparison method, please look at your renewal paperwork as that typically has a very detailed breakdown of information to then supply to the comparison system. Furthermore I was asked to confirm the details on the underwriters own website and that’s when you really have to double or triple check it’s all been entered accurately (which is wasn’t in my case) and amend it manually to get an updated quote.
  8. So I just did my renewal too and posted my experences here. I was surprised how much Adrian Flux quoted me! More than double my AXA premium, and £500 more than my renewal through Lancaster (underwritten by Aviva). For modern classics though, I've had good experience with my multiple 80s/90s Mercedes with Lancaster even though I was using those cars as a daily, but FYI, sometimes they'll throw up some lesser known underwiters.
  9. IIRC E5 is going to continue to be sold with Super Unleaded standard, so sure it's a little more spendy, but cheaper than fuel line repairs, and might be a good alternative to replacing the whole car!
  10. So lots of people may be cynical of price comparison sites, but this time its worked out, I went with AXA in the end, so a reputable insurer. For an hour and half of work, I've saved just under £300 on cover versus my current broker's best rate. I'm astounded just how much difference there was, my current broker couldn't match my price (and neither could Adrian Flux...sorry). I expect that a lot of insurers are banking on the convenience of auto-renewal, but honestly this difference is totally worth the effort of searching around, I was probably on the comparison sites for around an hour in total, so it begs the question, how much is your time worth? Since loyalty seems to mean nothing these days, why not make the most of what technology has to offer? Hopefully this is helpful.
  11. I believe hardwire kits should come with a black box to reduce voltage, I haven't got round to hardwiring my Viofo dashcam yet but comes with a 12/24V in, 5V out adapter thingy.
  12. Finally checked back with the manual, and something I noticed, is there are differences to the expansion tank with Type A and Type B cars, maybe that’s something to do with this? I’m really curious what the differences are, because it’s really thin on information. I know the second generation UCF20 Celsior came in A,B, and C specs if this is something similar?
  13. Hey mate, did you have any luck with your various LSs?
  14. Hey mate, I was the blue LS430. Sorry I was so busy looking at your car I nearly ran into you....ooops. Have a few questions, it seems a very interesting build you have! Did I read right it said LS460?
  15. I'm curious to try out the velour, like the proper deep pile type on the Celsior (or some old french sofa), I think it would be a little more compliant and comfy, not to mention hold you in better around the corners.
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