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  1. This is my son's shows the swirls removed.. VID_20210305_123522.mp4
  2. took 7hrs for a full recon and a single pass with the DA, and as for costs .. hard to quantify, zaino say you use 1oz per car but the Lexus is big..but I'd say around £40-£60.. the turtle Wax done in one is £30 for 500ml. Zanio is not cheap but a little goes a long way...and can be used in full sun . Costs a bit to buy the products initially but they last
  3. Lots of info here... A little goes a long way.. Prep is key with detailing..
  4. A quality detailer would be able to fill, wet sand and polish the repair..👍
  5. just gave my son in laws is250 the once over.. full clay and decon, used turtle wax precision platelet done in 1 for the first time, easy on and off with good results, topped with Zaino Z2, Z6, Z8.( as it can be used in full sun) the leather interior had a refresh with zaino Leather conditioner..
  6. well the audio is still working, so it must have been a very cold / unused amp..( old lady shopping car) the car has had a full service and is running sweet, but with only16k mile it should...
  7. My son in law has just got a 11 yrs old IS250 the . 1 owner with 16k warranted miles . Apart from needing new tyres and a wheel bearing that is humming it's like a new just finding good cars these days, but they are out there..
  8. My son in law paid via bank transfer, not is 9-10 months .. got a deal on tyres and knocked them down on purchase price...due to being near limit.
  9. They were legal but needed replacing soon, my son in law got a good price through work.. too good an offer to refuse... Got money knocked off price of the car at purchase to reflect that..
  10. To say a wheel bearing only needs replacement when a wheel will not rotate is a laugh and sums the dealer up... agree with your comments..
  11. Just an update.. the original amp started working and is 'touch wood' still working...we are assuming as the car was hardly used the amp has taken time to get up to operating temperature...... I've probably cursed it now 😂😳
  12. To add to this my son in law bought a Lexus recently.. the garage gave 30 day warranty.. the wheel bearing is now humming.. he is within the 30 day period but the garage says a wheel bearing only needs replacement when the wheel will not rotate...he wants the dealer to pay the £580 for the repair as he loves the car,but they are only offering a refund, which is ok but since purchase he's had 4 brand new tyres fitted.. ...
  13. We bought a Focus during lockdown in January.. from Trustford.. the car was at up north and was trailer transported down to Tamworth Trustford our nearest dealership.. we basically did a deal over the phone all pending viewing the car.. and drove it away within the had the 14 day return policy( money back guarantee) if we didn't like it.. we had no issues...alot of dealers are doing similar..
  14. We have a similar fault.. it's pointing towards the amp but with it. Being intermittent.. fault findinging is a pain.. the amp getting cold , damp seems to be the issue.. there is a video in YouTube that says reroute the cables and place the amp in the boot... Or get another working amp and replace..
  15. We'll today turned into a farce ... Picked up an amp from the scrappers yesterday.. having gone through gave the details reg etc of the car and collected.. today the auto electrician arrives and the original amp is he cannot fault find.. on top of that the part from the scrappers is a different amp.. original amp p/n ends 150.. the one from the scrappers ends 110.. completely different connections.... One of those days... So back to the scrappers for a refund ...🤬🤬🤬
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