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  1. Toyota/Lexus didn't get hid as hard with supply chain problems as they were hit had in the past. So they moved away from the "just in time" supply model and keep some of their own stock. They slowed down last month, their stock surplus did eventually run out, but now they're back to full production again for December.
  2. Confirmation of first trip fuel economy. Another Germany roundtrip, a few thousand miles more on the ODO, colder weather but similar economy as above. 320 mile drive down to Folkestone, still more than half a tank left and a very conservative estimate from the car of 259 miles remaining range from a 50L tank. Ignore the average speed, that's not been reset from the day I received the car.
  3. You are correct! Just came back from Germany with our last carfull, it is somewhat of an issue if you're not careful.
  4. What did the car read out? Pump calculation for me is off by 1 MPG compared to car.
  5. Think of going around a sweeping bend at motorway speeds, now add water, enough to cause hydroplaning if you don't have enough siping left on the old set. Now which tyres would you prefer hydroplane? Rear = rear end swinging out (oversteer) possibly now 90 degrees to traffic or even facing the complete wrong way, or Front = plow straight on (understeer) into the verge? Both situations suck, one moreso than the other, which is why rotation when possible and replace a whole 4 set is the ideal solution.
  6. Picking up a clean 125k mile 2.5L V6, straight piping it "'cause she misses her truck", and she knows Scotty. Pretty easy on the eyes too. My kind'a gal 😘
  7. You certainly stepped up, I hope he appreciates how bad you feel about it. These things happen, especially when there's reduced or no use. Didn't you start a thread on this today Steve? Edit: nope sorry it was Malc, apparently this answers that thread
  8. and here my mind went to BBQs using driftwood 🤣 it's the garden thing too that threw me off, how do you smoke/drift in a garden thanks for the translation
  9. Don't have a garden at the moment. Also, what's a drifting BBQ?
  10. Smokers who think it's ok to smoke right next to the building front door (I don't want to fill my lungs with whatever crap you're putting in yours, your choice but don't force it on others), then promptly dispose of their butts (which btw are non bio degradable) on the floor. Even worse drivers who discard of them out the window 🤬
  11. To that end, I spend about 15 minutes going over the car after receiving it back from service. My checklist: - Body (dings, dents, scratches), why I always take my car pre-washed/waxed to the dealer and clean inside out, pics on phone. Will never let the dealer do a cleaning. - Mileage check, also odo pic beforehand. - Oil and other fluid level checks. I tell them to not fill windshield wiper res. I use distilled water with concentrate to appropriate dilution. Haven't seen a dealer who doesn't use tap water for their mixes. - Tyre pressure check, learned that one a long time ago when handed a brand new car with tyres still at transport inflation pressures 40+PSI iirc. Now I just adjust at home with my own pump and tell them not to screw with them. - Undercarriage check, make sure they haven't forgotten anything, broke a clip and put wire instead (jag I'm looking at you) - Boot check, did they put back the wheel lock key. - Wheel check, curbed, or damaged (pics beforehand, anyone seeing a theme emerging) - Interior check - Remove any silly maintenance stickers or tags.
  12. They are included, so is the alignment check, but alignment adjustment (if needed) is charged as extra.
  13. Charging to replace a maintenance item, and to not do it, is despicable practice (legally fraud).
  14. I found those tables, the combined one you posted, and the individuals. They are generic lexus, not model specific. All they had to do was add the asterisks...etc they have in the model specific ones.
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