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  1. Found another of viktor's videos and you can see the jackpoint at the time point I copied the video at 0:34 at the bottom of the video frame.
  2. Thank you James. Much appreciated. So, put on some dirty clothes and lay on the ground to have a look and compare to our friend viktor too (see youtube below). Looks normal from underneath, everything in its place. I must have missed it before, bad lighting...etc. However, I think they may changed the undertray shape for 2021 to expose the front mid jack point. My tray is perfectly formed around the mid jack point. It's not like there's a piece missing, or it's misclipped or anything and that is where the light you can see in my image above is coming from. Can't see it in your images, or even on the one viktor is working on. Mind you it might be out of shot in both image and video 🤷‍♂️. Didn't think to take images while down there, but anyway there was barely enough space for my shoulder and a flashlight. Oh for a proper car lift at home.
  3. Could I ask one of my fellow ES owners to have a look at their engine bay undertray? No crawling on the floor required. Just looking from the top down as shown in the picture below, from the driver's side. Do you see a couple of holes and a small sliver of a gap where you can see the garage floor through? Reason I ask, is I don't remember seeing those before, and it just went in for it's first service. Just want to make sure if it's just me not paying attention, or if they forgot to properly reattach it. Thank you all.
  4. Factual correction here: Highway code 6.201 When using a driveway, reverse in and drive out if you can. So not illegal but nonetheless inadvisable. Personally I always back into a spot or driveway. Some may not be able to.
  5. TPMS light on. Sad state of leather seats (not well looked after). Can't tell for sure, but 3 of the alloys looked curbed. Front license plate hit/bump. ebay feedback 100% is only as buyer, not seller. I'd be extra careful.
  6. Congrats on the decision. Well written.
  8. Yes it is, I've seen it in action. Yup it's the drying that causes the most damage. I go for a quick motorway sprint after a foam wash (chenille microfiber mitt to gently agitate, I don't use sponges any more), and use Meguiars waterless wash and wax with 3 microfibers afterwards (apply, semi dry, buff). Although now looking for a air blower once we move away from easy motorway access.
  9. Mine's wash day is next week before I take it in for its first service. 🛀 Tiring but satisfying. Nice shine on your mesa red, well done avoiding micro scratches.
  10. I did the cross climate swap at delivery with Lexus Preston. Nearly 10k miles now, quiet, good handling, excellent MPG (seen 60+ as well). Haven't dropped below 49MPG (worse I got in freezing cold with seat heaters). Acceleration is of the no drama type, but not lacking, just different to what people are used to with traditional autos. Off the line (electric torque) is surprising for a car of its size/weight. Overall, it's an easy relaxed drive.
  11. Please see the following: and The 98 is your load index and I would not lower that. In order for a 94 tyre to carry the same load as a 98 tyre (assuming both are standard load SL tyres and not XL) you'd have to increase your tyre pressure by about 4 PSI. If the 94 were an XL and the original 98 were an SL then the pressure increase would need to be about 8 PSI higher. That much higher and you can expect a pretty harsh ride. On the flipside, if your Dunlops fitted are XL and the new ones are SL, then you can go down to 94 without a pressure difference. I know counterintuitive, the above links/charts should help explain. The final letter after the 98 is your tyre's speed rating. See: One last thing, were those tyres the ones that came on the car new? According to the 2015 online manual for the IS300h, you should have a staggered setup front/rear for the 18" wheels. See page 587 here: You OEM sizes are: 225/40R18 88Y, 255/35R18 90Y on 18 × 8J, 18 × 8 1/2J wheels accoridng to that. Unless you just forgot to update your signature? Because those are ES300h tyre sizes that you're quoting above and the same Dunlops that came on mine new. I swapped them at PDI for Michelin Cross Climates. They suit my driving syle and the car very well.
  12. You're exactly right. That's why I said 2nd gen up above. If it's a 2021 remaining 1st gen then he doesn't have it.
  13. I have it in mine, so it appears the UK cars have joined in. Button location as described above. No activation required. See this for UK specific info Your 2nd gen 2021 NX should have it, it's standard across the range see page 28
  14. I can confirm it does here in the UK, and at least for me it's definitely camber related. Driving on the continent, same car, it pulls right.
  15. It's the car switching from regen braking to actual brakes. Yes hear it too.
  16. They all look pretty good right after, the proof will be 1-2 years down the line. If they've done it right = no flaking/peeling.
  17. Ok so here's what I found. I tried two phones, both are supposed to support SPP, which the app requires. Neither phone connects to the car with the SPP profile. If you check system info on the headunit menu it shows SPP is supported by the headunit, but if you check device info for your connected phone, again through the headunit's menus it will show all the profiles except SPP, which is greyed out. @Gureamu could you please check on yours? System and device info will be under the bluetooth menu I did find a way though to use contact addresses. In navigation if you have addresses saved in your phonebook, you can select them as a destination from the contacts button on the left side of the nav screen. What you can't do is input a destination on the nav and save it to a contact.
  18. See this manual, sorry couldn't find it in English: Make sure you pick the right bluetooth transmission profile on the car to get it to connect. That seems to be a common stumbling block. As for your first question, you can change the name of an input destination, well I can on my 2021 ES, by clicking on the pencil icon or when saving for the first time. You just need to delete the suggested name. I haven't seen a way to tag it to a phone contact though.
  19. A wheel rotation is stated specifically in my manual for the ES. All you need to do is do the reset procedure for the TPMS system and drive. There are specific parameters, time, speed...etc. for it to learn the new locations and reset. Check your manual for specifics. On mine it's pages 461-462 and 478-482.
  20. Easy to park. Just be aware it's a bit wider than most, and considerably longer at 3cm shy of a full 5m, so you might stick out of standard bays length wise. It certainly does in our local Tesco. But I generally park far from the entrance, and pick lone spots by nature even before I got the ES. Visibility though is excellent, you get used to the dimensions pretty quick, parallel parking is a doddle (just dip your mirror so you don't kerb it). Congrats, excellent choice.
  21. I assume since you said 2.3 that yours is an Fsport on 19"? Had once a 19" low profile tyre on our Jag XF, yes small pressure changes made a big difference. I'm on 18" and the recommended 2.4 is spot on for my taste. You will see some increased side wear going from 2.3 (33psi) to 2.1 (30psi). Remember also the load capacity for each tyre is based on pressure. I would make sure that going down to 30 doesn't drop the load capacity below the weight of the car. Use this: e.g. for mine a 3 psi drop will reduce load capacity by about 90lbs on each corner = 360lbs
  22. 2.4 bar about 35psi also about the -- the system takes a couple of minutes after startup before it reads out the pressure in bar if you measured them cold at 46 psi then the dealer missed adjusting the pressure during pdi, 46 sounds like transport pressure to me. I once received a new Honda and they made that mistake.
  23. What does the dash say the pressures are? are they reported? if not check tyres directly. Haven't heard they're a problem on here yet. Hope not.
  24. Funny how the "not a drivers car" has more driver legroom than the LS, actually any of the lineup iirc. I should really look into getting a CDL. 😁
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