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  1. Previously used St Georges Cross in Glasgow, but since they lost the franchise to Eastern/Western I've used the new "Lexus Glasgow" - servicing is way more expensive and I'm not entirely convinced on the customer service. Problem is there is no competition in Scotland and the closest is Carlisle where I got the car from, but based on the dreadful customer service I got there when getting the car, I'm stuck between a rock and hard place!
  2. Hi all, Anyone else with a 2011MY IS had this issue with the handsfree system... Everything was working fine, my Blackberry Bold 9900 was connected via BT, my iPhone via USB. Now all of a sudden when I press the phone button on the steering wheel, the nav screen changes to the one attached and hangs there. Only way to clear it is to turn off Bluetooth on the Blackberry. Today I tried connecting the iPhone as the connected HF phone and it all works fine, ruling out issues with the car. I've tried deleting the phone from the car, and vice-versa but same thing happens when re-paired. Any thoughts? May be I should just ask for a new Blackberry from work!
  3. I was up in Shetland this week where it was predicted they would be visible... sadly low cloud prevented it, but it's a sight I aim to see someday!
  4. You've now got me worried now - I've now done 5K in mine, better check them tomorrow morning.
  5. I washed my arctic pearl on Saturday - forgot how good it looked when not a dirty grey!
  6. I had seized callipers picked up on at two separate services on my last GS... both repaired under warranty.
  7. I wouldn't have thought it would be that difficult to do... assuming you can find a route back to the engine.
  8. My 07 GS could only support 1 bluetooth device. However, the system in my IS supports two. An FM transmitter would work, or...... one of those 3.5mm jacks to tape thingys?
  9. Same thing happens in my IS250, and I suspect you're right about the +44 bit
  10. Apart from a couple of knee caps, arms, and legs if he turns out to be a real dodgy character Seriously though, it's hassle you can probably do without so hopefully nothing will show up and it turns out to be all ok.
  11. Not sure what rights you've got as a private buyer - not sure it's something Trading Standards would get involved in. I suppose it is fraud, so may interest the police.
  12. Ahh, right, sorry... does sound fishy.
  13. Welcome, I'm just up the road in Lanarkshire.
  14. Don't think you need to worry Burgoynes are a genuine garage based in Falkirk area. WHen my wife's last civic had a blow out on the M80, she called the AA (No spare tyre, just a can of air) they sent Burgoynes (or however it's spelt) with a low-loader to take it home.
  15. If your next service is at 60K which will be a major and you get a minor and then another major for £900 then actually that's not too bad. So not sure why they are saying it starts at 70K.
  16. Does it have a mileage restriction? If you get it serviced once a year then it's probably a bit more than you'd pay normally, however, if like me you're on two services a year then it's a bargain.
  17. There are probably several spec differences between the two, but I think the wheels and HIDs are the main ones.
  18. Think Sport also has HID headlights whereas as SE doesn't.
  19. Both of my GS's had "ML" logo on the front of the unit, so I'd imagine it would yes.
  20. Oh, I think you'd notice huge difference in performance, build quality, refinement, and equipment.
  21. Lovely car the IS-F and both times I've driven one it's been that colour - photos don't do it justice. Have any F owners lost their licences yet?