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  1. Hello Ben, what a nice car, it looks fantastic. I agree about Lexus Hedge End, nothing seems too much trouble.
  2. Hi All, Auto Express have given a very complimentary 4 star review of the UX hybrid. The car they drove had what they refer to as the '2022 update', but I guess the one for the 2023 model year with the new infotainment could improve their opinion further. I thought it was quite refreshing to see a car magazine being so positive about a Lexus! New Lexus UX 250 Takumi 2022 review | Auto Express
  3. Like- almost everything, especially the general level of quality and attention to detail, refinement. I manage to get on ok with the trackpad! Dislike- I agree about the door cards, some different fabric/ textures would be good. The amount of water that's deposited from the tailgate when you open it after rain or the car has been cleaned.
  4. I agree that dealers have had little control over the delays and that timely communication is important. We also got our UXe from Hedge End and are a little disappointed that MH has left as the service he provided was excellent. We asked for an extended test drive, amongst other things to check the car would fit nicely into the garage, and nothing seemed too much trouble. We're hoping the service support for its first 'check' in July is as good.
  5. I found this link, updated yesterday which may be of interest. Purported Lexus BX teased in official presentation ( It would make sense if Lexus had something like a Mercedes A class, BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 competitor, one 'more affordable' than the UX which has increased to £33,500 with the 2023 model year update. It's still not exactly cheap though! Best wishes, Chris
  6. Many thanks Oz. Good to see auto folding mirrors are standard and more models getting blind spot monitoring. Do you know if the 300e will get any spec changes?
  7. Hi Tel, Many thanks for your thoughts. I'd agree about the charging cables. 'My' (company car) is a Takumi, mercury grey with black interior. I needed to make a colour choice quite quickly and although it's a bit dark inside, opening the sunroof blind helps. Yes, it is great to drive and I don't think you feel as if you step up into it like other SUV's. In colder weather the kw/h has been 3.1, when it's warmer, up to 3.8+. I can appreciate how the range may be an issue for some as it's not huge but it's all right for me. Once the cost was ok, it was a balance between a longer range and the dealer customer service if things went awry- that led to Lexus! I guess the 2022 revision may make it look more like the new model NX, (Lexus spelt across the tailgate etc). Longer range would be good but I guess they think the RZ450e would be the option then. The last time I visited our nearest dealer (who supplied and delivered the car) they had some used cars in the showroom, a IS300h and an SC430, both looked like new. Best wishes, Chris
  8. Hope you're pleased with your car Patrick! We also charge to 100% using our home wall box and after nearly a year of ownership have noticed no battery issues. The main factor in shortening battery life (i.e. capacity) is rapid charging, which is why you're safe to charge to 100% using a non-rapid charger, such as a home wall box (or three-pin plug). Even for rapid charging, the charging software on the vast majority of rapid chargers automatically reduces the charge rate above about 80% in order to avoid battery over-heating or too much energy input trying to go into too little available charging "space". So I wouldn't worry about keeping the charge to a maximum of 90%. That said, many home wall boxes (and rapid chargers too) allow you to select a maximum charge, so if you don't need every last mile of available range, you can set the maximum charge to, say, 90%.
  9. I agree with Andrew about more a question of want than need. My previous car a Toyota Prius had equipment that I really liked- blind spot monitoring/ cross traffic alert, auto folding mirrors (you're right about these- they should be standard across the range imo) and a head up display. The Takumi pack was c£70 a month more and with that stuff, the so-slow power tailgate, and three eye 'matrix' headlights I thought it was worth it. Whatever model you go for though, the UXh is a great car.
  10. I've now contacted Lexus customer service and asked if I can sign up to 'Support Talk to Lexus'. I like filling in things like this so hope they can help. They sent me a proper reply with a 'please leave this with us, we'll look into it' within 20 minutes which I thought was impressive.
  11. I agree with your response to Lexus David. I got my UXe last July and really appreciated having a paper brochure. As you say, it helped decide the colour etc- it was just so useful. Can I ask, how did you sign up to 'Support Talk to Lexus'- was it via the Lexus support centre? Hope you're enjoying your UX too.
  12. Thanks for this Barry. I agree, it'll be interesting to see the performance, range details and price. I guess it will start somewhere around £55K, taking into account the competition as well as the UX electric and bZ4x prices. This link shows a different dashboard to that Toyota with what looks like a head-up display and a centre console similar to the new (and very nice) NX. Not sure about the steering wheel though! 2023 Lexus RZ Will Offer Yoke-Style Steering Wheel in the U.S. (
  13. Hi All, I cleaned my car yesterday and although the colour (Mercury Grey) hides dirt pretty well, it was noticeable in the areas highlighted in David's photo. I also used a hose pipe (with a Draper spray gun with about 12 different settings) and it was effective. The grille is also a bit difficult to clean. It's still the best car I've ever had though! Hope you're enjoying your car David and that you do too Bill. Chris
  14. Hi Colin, after getting the flat 12v battery on my UXe Takumi sorted, I had the same message as you and found that after driving it for no more than a mile or so, it disappeared. After returning home and putting the car in the garage, the rear sensors sounded so I had confidence that things were back to normal. I think the car may reset it automatically but needs a short drive to do so. I hope this helps.
  15. Dear All, I saw this quite interesting article on the Lexus EU media website: ALL-ELECTRIC UX 300e HERALDS NEW MILESTONE IN LEXUS’ SILENT REVOLUTION I've found the noise levels on my UXe on 18inch tyres (the Michelin's Rayaan mentions) to be really low, including at motorway speeds. I had a 2017 Prius with 15 inch alloys before and it was much louder, even when it was in 'EV mode' around town. I'd agree with the ID3 comment too. Having driven a UXh Premium Sport with 18 inch run flats, it wasn't as quiet but would imagine that Lexus spend a lot of attention on ensuring good refinement and noise levels compared to their competitors. I think their new EV the RZ450e (the Lexus version of the Toyota bZ4X) may be imminent- it'll be interesting to see the tyres used on it.
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