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  1. Thanks and you're right about the tyres and can of gunk. We went for the Hypervolt as the app seemed really easy to use which I'm finding to be the case. The Lexus Link app suggests the current range based on the driving to date is 190-200 miles which I'm pleased with as I think the range on the Takumi model is 190 miles.
  2. Dear All, as promised, a picture of the UXe. I'll send more when the sun goes in as it makes getting a good glare free photo more difficult. The 360 degree panoramic view monitor is really handy for parking. We've done a mixture of shorter town and longer dual carriageway drives so far, averaging 3.4kw/h, including today in hot weather with the climate control on. The ride on the 18inch run flat tyres is better then expected and seems more composed over expansion joints and potholes than the Prius which had 15 inch alloys. The UX also has a good turn of speed when asked! The home charging wall box is a Hypervolt. Regards, Chris
  3. Many thanks for your replies all and you're right John, I am lucky to have the car. It was delivered by Lexus Hedge End who have been so helpful and provided great customer service. I drove just a few miles today and averaged 3.5 kw/h driving at a steady 60-70mph on the A303. It took some time to configure the (many) settings but the initial impressions are that the quality (paintwork, interior trim, panel gaps) are great, the ride is excellent and it just feels so solid. The Toyota Prius I had before had really thick door seals but the Lexus is even better. The doors thud shut too. I'll send some photos tomorrow. I hope to start reading the handbook later! Regards, Chris
  4. Hi All, further to my first post a few weeks ago, my UXe is due to be delivered tomorrow by the local Lexus dealer. I'll try and send some photos of it. The home vehicle charger that's been installed is a Hypervolt- am awaiting the government grant 'refund' now. My previous company car was a 2017 Prius which was great but I'm really looking forward to the UX which will be my first Lexus. This forum has been so informative about other's experiences with the UX hybrid and EV, am glad I found it. Best wishes, Chris
  5. Hello All, This is my first post on this forum. It's been really interesting to see all the comments about the UXe- especially about how it drives and the battery range. I have a Takumi Pack model on order (as a company car) and decided on Mercury Grey with a black interior in the end. There were many other EV's available but I went for the Lexus because of their reputation for quality and excellent dealer service. I'm currently investigating a home charger and will post some pictures when it arrives, which will be another 4-6 weeks. Best wishes, Chris
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