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  1. Thanks for the reply Kermit. I'm thinking of getting a proper spare wheel. Am i right in assuming the wheels are different sizes on the later IS300 range? Really couldn't cope with two wheels in boot 😶 Thanks again!
  2. Try this link. Very unintuitive indeed 😏
  3. I'm looking for a space saver for Is 300H F 2019 18" Tyres too. Do they exist? Many thanks
  4. I'm looking for a space saver for Is 300H F 2019 18" Tyres too. Do they exist? Many thanks
  5. Thanks so much D appreciate it! 🙂 I might take the car to an Indy as the local dealer seems so inept.
  6. Also spot on D. I can only hear it when the windows are open too. I did explain that to the dealer. I'm not sure what you mean by backplate as I'm not very car techie. I'll mention that next time I take the car in. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it! I had the "it's a normal hybrid noise sir" too. Clearly it isn't as the noise was not present before. I'll suggest again for the Tech to come out in the car with me. Maybe they will this time 😉
  8. Hi folks, my 2019 IS300H has developed an odd sound coming from passenger side rear of the car. It happens intermittently but every time I drive the car. It sounds like you are driving over a metallic drain cover or grate kind of clang. (sounds like two bits of metal clinking together) I thought I actually was driving over a manhole but it happens so consistently now it's def not that. Taken it to the dealers twice and they just do a health check and send it back to me. 😞 Any ideas what might be causing it? Many thanks for any insight.
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