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  1. Hi, I may well be wrong, but I think its one or the other ( i.e. if the sat nav is being used it overrides the compass in the HUD ).
  2. Reach😀(think we’ve been here before)
  3. Having signed up, this just in. Perhaps I need to get out more? Lexus Team Administrator 10:31 AM Hello, welcome to our brand-new Lexus owners’ community, a platform designed specifically with you in mind for all topics related to your Lexus. Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing exciting features such as news feeds, challenges, user messaging and much more, so watch the space. To get things started, feel free to say ‘HI’ in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you like most about your Lexus, we’d love to know that. Once again, we truly appreciate you as our customer and we look forward to interacting with you more. The Lexus Team
  4. I recall these from many years ago "Butlitz holiday camp escape committee" and "Gobi Desert Canoe Club"
  5. Couple of years ago in Florida I had to compliment a guy whose T-shirt read "My wife wanted to go to Disney, so we compromised and went"
  6. car braf i'w weld (yn Gymraeg) a nice car to see (in Welsh)🙂
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