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  1. I have a "RING" doorbell and 24hr cctv security cameras
  2. So here is my plan after going through many threads and speaking to the installers who are charging ridiculous amounts for these security systems which aren't foolproof. I am going to take delivery of the car on Saturday and have ordered a Stoplock Pro Elite and Automatrics 4+ tracker as if anyone is so determined to take the car after getting rid of the steering wheel lock then tracking is possible. I am going to get the keyless entry disabled at the dealership so that key cloning/relay theft is not possible. Getting the car ceramic coated from a professional detailer Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + Exov4. I liked the idea of the loud 120db siren inside the car and may go for that too if the system is cheap. I am thankful to you all for your suggestions and advice on the forum and I look forward to enjoying the ride in my new car.
  3. Thanks for your response but have you gone for any additional security apart from the steering wheel lock
  4. I am going to take delivery of my Nx next weekend and worried about the car security (paranoid may be the right word). I wonder if someone can suggest the best possible affordable security even though I am going to disable keyless entry before driving off the showroom. I have done extensive research and wonder if GHOST 2 immobiliser with anti hijack is worth it or would something like dummy OBD alarm siren for 1/7 of the price with a Stoplock Pro would do the job. I have checked Automatrics too and that seems to be something which helps in recovering the vehicle once it's stolen/hijacked. Which systems have you gone for and why or why not? TIA
  5. Hi, Do you mind sharing which Carlink Gismo did you get so that I could also get the same. Thanks
  6. I managed to speak to the sales manager today and he informed me that they do not have any update on whether my delivery date will be moved to an earlier date whilst assuring me that he would be on the phone as soon as he thinks there has been any change on their system.
  7. Hi All, Can someone enlighten me which dealer in West Midlands honours LOC Gold Membership for service packages as I spoke with service manager for Steven Eagell who informed me that they do not offer service package discounts to Gold members of LOC. I haven't taken membership yet but wonder if it's worthwhile. TIA
  8. I ordered a NX300h on 28th July and was given a delivery date of 5th October which was moved to 28th September (within a week of placing the order) but it seems I might be able to get it earlier as I have been tracking the ship on which shows the ship arriving at 1:00am in Bristol on 6th September. Wonder if any of you lovely people remember how many days it took for car being delivered to you after reaching Bristol since the sales guy is not in until Monday to confirm the delivery date so thought I'll check with you all, so that I can plan ahead....Super Excited to say the least!!
  9. If you search for Lexus Nx Stolen figures FOI on google you will find the excel sheet with figures as someone put in a FOI request on 27th January 2021 but asked for figures from 2017 onwards.
  10. I am keenly awaiting delivery of my Nx in Sonic Titanium with Rose Leather interior so thought of planning which security systems should I go for with advice and help from you all. Which security systems would you recommend for: 1. Anti Hijack 2. Safeguarding Key cloning 3. Which brand and model steering Lock would you recommend specifically for Nx which can go under the seat and doesn't mark the steering? I have been researching and have been informed that Clifford Blackjax 5 (anti hijack is not compatible for Nx and infact no anti hijack system is compatible with Hybrid Systems) Auto Watch Ghost II Immobiliser has the anti-hijack feature but the installer can't activate it due to it being a hybrid and its the only one which is compatible. Looking forward to your views and experiences as to which security systems have you invested in and why? TIA
  11. The response from Lexus is as below : Thank you for your email query regarding the catalytic converter crime risk on the NX model. Understandably, the matter of organised crime targeting vehicles in the automotive industry has caused many customers worry, as well as additional, unplanned expense in terms of securing their vehicles, and having to replace parts and remedy damage done to their vehicles in the attempted theft incidents. We are very sorry for the concern this crime has caused. The theft of catalytic converters has grown hugely in recent years thanks to the significant rise in the price of some precious metals inside the devices, which the automotive industry is using to clean exhaust gases and reduce pollution. Many manufacturers are affected by what police call “a co-ordinated, organised crime linked to other serious forms of offending”. Our latest initiative sees Toyota/Lexus working with police and Smart Water to source and fund the distribution of police-approved marking kits, which are invisible, and this in turn means a stolen catalytic converter can be traced to a specific crime, helping police in their attempts to fight the organised gangs responsible. It also raises the risk to all those handling the devices along the criminal chain, from theft to eventual disposal and recycling. In the case of Toyota/Lexus vehicles, thieves are targeting the older hybrid models because the catalyst in a hybrid has a lower workload than in a non-electrified vehicle, meaning it is in better condition. In more modern Toyota/Lexus cars the catalysts are of a different design and are not typically targets for theft as a result. Toyota/Lexus also hopes that the marking programme will dissuade rogue scrap metal dealers who are happy to pay cash for stolen converters, now that the risk of being caught is greater than ever before. The precious metals inside catalysts are recycled and illegally sold by the end user in the crime, often abroad. Toyota/Lexus is offering the Smar****er marking free to all Toyota and Lexus owners, who simply need to call their local Toyota or Lexus retailer to arrange a visit. Because thieves are predominantly targeting older models, this presents a challenge for Toyota/Lexus in contacting owners of cars which may no longer be regularly seen by our retail network. To help with this Toyota/Lexus has issued 20,000 Smar****er kits to police to support their local anti-catalyst theft initiatives. We are also working with the AA, Toyota and Lexus' road-side partner, so its patrols can point customers to where they can get a free kit. In addition to the range of deterrents we have introduced, such as the tilt sensor bolt, CatLoc on higher risk models and Smar****er free of charge to all Toyota/Lexus vehicles, we have implemented an internal priority supply network designed to complement our continued focus on increasing the supply of parts to meet demand and ensure customers get back on the road as soon as possible. Our focus on parts supply is already starting to pay dividends: through our strong efforts, we are starting to see a much-improved supply of replacement parts, which has reduced the length of time our customers are "off road" with this issue. As a symbol of our support to overcome the inconvenience and the cost to our customers who have been affected by these acts of crime, we supply the replacement parts to the Toyota/Lexus Centres at cost to ourselves. There are zero marginal gains for Toyota/Lexus on the supply of these parts. Unfortunately, given the nature of the concern, and in the interest of security we will not be able to share the design of the new system on the Lexus NX which is available for ordering from September 2021. Our model designs are continuously upgraded; however, we cannot predict the erratic behaviour of criminal activity and focus. In addition, catalytic converter crime has primarily been focused in the UK and London and the South East in particular. It has reached other parts of Europe and some areas of the United States but is not considered a global matter. We have found in our newer models, across both brands, that the location of the catalytic converter has meant that it not targeted in an organised way by criminals. I can confirm however, that reported cases of catalytic converter thefts on the NX remains at an extremely low risk level and we can confidently say that it has not been targeted. Please note that the NX has been on sale since 2014 so we would have seen a far greater volume of catalytic converter thefts reported had this not been the case. I do hope you are able to utilise your forum's platform to reach those Toyota/Lexus owners who have not yet contacted a Toyota/Lexus Centre for Smar****er, to action as a matter of urgency. We will continue to lobby for changes in the law that stop this crime from being attractive to criminals and will offer our full cooperation, as we have always done to the Home Office and Police to deter criminals. On a more positive note, I am very excited to learn of your interest in our new Lexus NX which will be shipped to customers from January 2022 and would like to invite you to discuss your new model in detail with the sales team at your preferred Centre. I would be happy to facilitate this contact for you if you would like to share your preference in terms of area with me? I hope the information has been of assistance and has given you some peace of mind in terms of how serious we have been taking with the issue of catalytic converter crime.
  12. I have since then shot off another email to confirm placement of CATs and what steps if any have been taken in designing of new RX/NX models to prevent theft of CATs and allay the fears of customers planning to purchase a new car. A response is eagerly awaited and I'll update you all.
  13. Hi Grant, I have sent an email to Lexus at highlighting the issues as below: "I am really upset to learn that one member of Lexus Owners Club has reported theft of catalytic converter as I was under the impression that an NX was not a target until now since I thought the cats are hidden right up into the engine bay. I have also learnt that on contacting Lexus, the customer was informed that Lexus have no concerns over cat theft on this model and there were no plans to form a catlock for the nx as the demand just isn’t there and the local dealership quoted £891 for a cat £151 for a lambda sensor and £393 for the mid section of exhaust which was also damaged along with £144 per hour labour rate which is ridiculous. I have recently placed an order for a New Nx which is on it's way on ship :Euphony Ace (vehicle carrier) I am inclined to cancel my order as I wouldn't want this kind of stress and expense preventing me from enjoying my new car where I am worried about parts getting stolen from any parking lot or my drive and ending up with spending 1k to put things in order. I hope that Lexus can look into this before it snowballs and starts affecting sales of your brand as it is being discussed in the LOC forum: Look forward to hearing from you as to what support would you provide to present and future Lexus Nx owners before I cancel my order and seek a refund of the deposit paid to the dealer." Hope this is taken seriously by Lexus as I wouldn't want to go through this experience and to live in fear of this happening or stump up a fortune to put things in order if this happens. I am really sad that I'll have to bow out of this forum as my dream of owning a Lexus has been shattered as I will be cancelling my order in the morning and will send another email confirming my cancellation to customer relations so that they take notice of genuine concerns raised by you.
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