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  1. Hi Rich My car has now been in with Lexus Leeds on two occasions and is in again tomorrow to hopefully complete the initial work which was required. Both my car and me continue to be looked after very well by staff who are professional, knowledgable and friendly. Thanks, Anthony
  2. As somebody who for many years watched many cars come up for sale and then be sold, I finally took the plunge last month. My first thought was it must be as late as I can find but vehicles from the last three years of production are like hens teeth and very rarely come up for sale. Probably because most owners are enthusiasts and buy them for keeps. I bought a 2007 model, more because of condition not its age. The compromise was to find a good car and not get too bogged down about age. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you find the car you are looking for.
  3. Now you tell
  4. I have been working on my SC430 most days since I got it 3 weeks ago on Thursday. A full t-cut and two coats of Collinite wax (sorry, I am a bit of a dinosaur and use old fashioned products!) and the work has made a huge difference. For the headlights I used the Isopon kit from ebay. Just P1000 sandpaper, solvent wipes and spray sealer. All went well until the spray sealer which has left a mottled effect despite being well shaken, used at the correct distance and following the instructions correctly. I am hoping when fully dry they may polish to improve the surface. (any advice welcome) For the tailpipes I used Autosol and just like the utube clip it was brilliant but hard work! Thanks
  5. Can anyone help me? I need to aquire a chrome finisher for the bonnet lip on my 2007 SC430. The os fastener bolt has broken off it. Did the finisher stay the same when they changed to 6 grille? Has anyone got one to sell or know of one. Thanks
  6. Hi guys I am one week into owning my SC430 and have not stopped smiling every time I drive it! I used Lexus Leeds to carry out the airbag recall, a safety check and look at some concerns. I was very pleased with how professional, knowledgeable and friendly the service advisor was and how he made me feel a valued customer. I know that main dealer servicing is expensive but I believe in it and intend to use them in future. Oneflewover (Paul) has stated that on his last visit to them his last mot was not carried out by them. I asked about that and was informed that it would be rare for any work to be not carried out internally and they now have more than one mot tester and should not reoccur again. I am also suffering an estimated wait of 3 weeks for Lexus to supply them 3 shock absorbers for my vehicle (blamed on covid), so if any of you guys need parts there could be a lengthy delay!
  7. Hi there, I have noticed there are a few guys on ebay who are breaking sc430's, so you might get lucky from one of them. Ant
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