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  1. Thanks Steve I thought about that and after a good 5 mins was not hot so I think they are ok. Fortunately the mirrors are only opened for short spells but still looking for LED's in the correct size if anyone has a link
  2. I have fitted led replacement rear flasher bulbs to the rear and despite being the best quality canbus etc etc they needed resistors fitting to stop all indicators flashing rapidly. I feel the exercise was worth it they certainly have a more modern look to the light being omitted.
  3. Yes cracking day in the Peak District and it's looking in your general direction too!
  4. After all the derogatory comments about Yorkshire weather please see the pic I took this morning when taking my lad to school
  5. I have been into Halfords in Huddersfield today and presented my Gold Card so he could attribute the discount but the lad said they don't do that, he had never seen one before and he thought I probably needed to download a voucher. I persued my stance and eventually after he made a phone call and got help from a colleague, he applied the discount and on the receipt it says, Price Overide. Reason: Store manager authorised. So, get ready to explain and demand the discount if shops are unaware!
  6. I have replaced the vanity mirror illumination bulbs with LED's. They look brilliant but they are a festoon bulb and the only alternative I could find was a greater diameter so cause a slight lump in the plastic covers (unnoticeable to most people...tested on Claire).
  7. Just fitted some red LED rear fog light bulbs today which I bought on ebay and up to original spec they make a great improvement!
  8. With reading so much about problems relating to upgrading bulbs to LED I was apprehensive about the result despite using canbus bulbs. Today I fitted LED's to rear number plate lamps and reverse lights which look awesome. Downside was the LED's I fitted to the rear fog lights were poor up to original bulbs so I am going to order and try some red ones which might improve matters!
  9. Huddersfield appears to becoming the epicentre of SC430 with Tom and I seeing a beautiful red one in the supermarket carpark at 6am this morning!
  10. I knew my seats were filthy and it was on the list but they were very dirty. Matt did a great job and everyone was amazed!
  11. A good time was heard by all and I believe there were 32 430's!
  12. Hi Ian Thanks for doing a reccy for us. He has said he has undercover areas but we need to bring our own chairs!
  13. Don't forget!!! The SC430 meeting at Sleaford tomorrow Sunday 22nd August). The weather forecast is improving and it promises to be the most SC's ever assembled in the UK. Please say hi to me, I will be the guy with the SC mad 10 year old! 😬
  14. Hi Ian I did not find out about the Lincolnshire meet until today but I will be attending and hope to meet you there. I suppose that meet negates the rush for us to have a meeting in our area but we can discuss that for sure. Anthony
  15. Dispite the significant amount of views this thread has had the take up of anyone with a SC430 expressing of confirming interest in attending a meet has been almost non existent. Any meet is dependant upon the location of the interested parties so we can arrange a mutually acceptable area, venue and date. I await your responses and would personally travel to get together with fellow SC430 owners and have the opportunity to see other vehicles. Anthony
  16. I have got to admit that Saturday works best for me but we need to see what the group response to Saturday is.
  17. I was thinking 4th or 11th September. I have asked admin and await their response. I am open to suggestions but the Cat and Fiddle in the middle of the countryside on the tops just south of Buxton looks like a promising contender to me.
  18. That sounds good, I live right on the edge of the peak district infact did a 75 mile circuit to of it today with top down. I'm happy meeting anywhere but pubs have loos which is a plus to meet at a pub. Can you sound out the guys you know in the Midlands but it needs to be fairly soon or certainly before the weather breaks.
  19. Thanks John and Neil for your replies but there appears to be a distinct lack of responses from members in the north of England. Shame I can't search members by area and contact them directly. I still remain hopeful that more will respond, then we can look at a venue central to the interested parties.
  20. I wonder how many SC430 owners are out there in my neck of the woods who would enjoy meeting other owners and their cars? Anyone interested?
  21. Hi Thomas How did you go on with the Liquid Leather Scuff Master, as that is an impending job I need to do? Regards Anthony
  22. We were travelling through Huddersfield yesterday and saw another SC430. My 10 year old was beside himself to follow him so we could look at his car. We parked in an underground carpark and enjoyed 5 minutes talking SC430.
  23. Hi Garry My exhaust is showing signs of terminal corrosion so I have been investigating the alternatives myself. A Lexus system is no doubt very expensive but will be excellent quality, but to improve the v8 growl it appears that a bespoke system is the way forward. I presume with some investigation there are reputable ones in Nottingham but if you want to travel up to Leeds there are two that have come highly recommended to me. Tony Banks Exhausts and Keltec Exhausts. To travel even further there is Lexusman on this site who is the go to man for all jobs SC430. Good luck and let us all know how you get on. Anthony
  24. Hi Rich My car has now been in with Lexus Leeds on two occasions and is in again tomorrow to hopefully complete the initial work which was required. Both my car and me continue to be looked after very well by staff who are professional, knowledgable and friendly. Thanks, Anthony
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