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  1. Thanks Gents, I have downloaded the Owner's Manual now and I am reassured that I have not lost the plot just yet. I will have a go at the Lexus service site when I can afford it and print off some of the info before they log me out. Many thanks to all of you who kept me sane,,,,,watch this space. Meanwhile I have fitted the bars, Atera Signo RTD £150 from the Roofbox Company (made in Germany) and a homemade perspex cover for the pan roof switch, I just hope my daughter doesn't bring a screwdriver to prise it off before I find that damn fuse. Brian
  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply; I was given an "RX 450h Users Guide" and I hope that is the same thing as the owner's manual you referred to. Now it just might be that I am losing it as my wife thinks but in my book for the 2018 model the only reference to the fuses are in the" Maintenance and Care" section under "Checking and Replacing Fuses" , only the locations of the three boxes and what a good and blown fuse looks like are described! I can find no reference to what fuses protect what circuits, if I am missing this then perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to drive one of these beauties. Kind regards, Brian
  3. Does anyone know what each and every abbreviation means on the fuse box covers, some are very obvious of course but others not at all? For example : DOME , ECU-B NO1, TI & TE 30A and so on, there must be a legend somewhere. I am still in search of the fuse which controls the panoramic roof; the easily accessed one under the bonnet clearly marked S/ROOF NO2 controls only the blind on my RX 450h 2018, where oh where is S/ROOF NO1 or another designation, don't Lexus want us to find it? If it's in the footwell box it is not obvious and I am not confident about pulling them out one at a time.
  4. Thanks Nigel, I had a look there, passenger side, and found no fuse labelled S/Roof, none rated at 20 0r 30A which is strange and the one under the bonnet only controls the blind ! I am somewhat frustrated to say the least and the tape trick would be the easy fix except for the fact that I have a daughter who cannot resist picking at things and pushing (my) buttons.
  5. Hi Nigel, I believe you have removed the fuse for the panoramic roof and i hoped you could tell me where it is located. I thought I had found it under the bonnet but it was the fuse for the roof blind only, that would have been too easy! Thanks in anticipation. Brian
  6. Hi, New to this forum ( any forum) but having debate with myself about fitting roof bars to an RX450 with pan roof. I would prefer to remove the roof fuse if I could find it, anyone know which fuse box it's in? The roof box company seem to have a range of bars and seem to like Yakima which are 135cm long but out of stock. They have now listed Atera RTD (122cm) a brand which I have been pleased with before and at £150 seem like a good bet if only I can disconnect the roof. Any advice would be appreciated.
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