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  1. I have RAC roadside assistance coverage through my insurance. Does this means I have membership at RAC?
  2. Last weekend bought an approved-used lexus 2014 GS 300h (41500 Miles on the clock). Firsy impression, while I was looking aroud the car - I have noticed, the vehicle was not buffed (while the dealer told me it will be), and when I mentioned it to him, he said, these scratches can not be buffed. Now I have been around vehicles enough, to know different. Anyways - I dropped the subject. Secondly - Tyres. Almost worn to the marks.... I asked him about it - he started to give me some theories about how many mm should the tyre thread be and we should look at the milimeters, not the tyre markings. (Very strange.... I quit arguing). The week before I emailed him, that the vehicle had an advisory in the MOT records over the past 3 inspections, about the chip on the front windscreen. I asked them to fix it, and he said, they will replace the windscreen. So they did - the front windscreen is brand new. However, there was a heavy rain on Wednesday (only three days after I took posession of the vehicle) I have noticed, the Auto-Wipers function doesn't work. The indicator light is on, the wipers make single pass, when I turn the Auto function on, but the sensor doesn't work. The dealer says, the vehicle has 12 months full Lexus Warranty. Now they want me to take the vehicle back, leave it at the dealer I took it from (around 80 miles away), until they fix the issue, and they do not offer a courtesy car for me to go about my day. This only can be done during week day. Is all this sounds normal to you? Does anyone have similar experience with Lexus Dealers?
  3. Hello friends, I am about to purchase a used 2014 GS300h from a Lexus Dealer. I am concerned about the Hybrid Bartery Life and price for replacement. The vehicle has 42000 miles on the clock. Should I worry and what to expect from this car? Are they reliable? I will appreciate any owner's experience with any problems related to this vehicle. Kind Regards!
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