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  1. When I collected my car it had all the footage of the Lexus Dealer preparing my car for collection.
  2. I picked my Premium Sport up saturday has both badges on rear.
  3. I picked up my new NX on Saturday and had the Nextbase Dash Cam fitted the model my Dealer fitted was the 380 which was designed for the Trade as there is the ability to lock the device to stop the Driver messing with it. It seems fine to me I did have the 312GW.I got it fitted and supplied as part of the deal.
  4. I have just picked up my new Lexus NX and had a Next Base Dash Cam installed , they use the 380GW which was made for retail sale as it is possible to make it anti tamper by the driver. It works fine.
  5. Sales reply was "Yes nose weight 60KG" and nothing else. lol
  6. My main concern is the nose weight found a section on Lexus website states 60Kg max and also states suitable for small Trailers Boats etc no mention of Caravans. So should I tow my Caravan at above their recommended weight would any warranty issues be void
  7. Thanks for all the replies awaiting Sales Person reply will post.
  8. In 2 weeks time I pick up my 2021 NX300 Hybrid. I tow a Caravan 1344Kg and am aware the car can pull ip to 1500Kg. I have just discovered that the nose weight for the car is a measly 60Kg. To add to that a owner of a Leus informs me they are poor tow cars due to the CVT gearbox, would appreciate any views/experience.
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