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  2. It really is a lovely car, will make the next owner very happy. I am making the most of it while I still have it.
  3. Is £17495 a good price? Looking at others around it seem more than competitive to me.
  4. I will probably buy something a lot cheaper and bank the rest. Possibly upgrade our family car as we use that most.
  5. Here goes, I’ve decided to advertise her for sale if she’s sell she sells if not then I’ll just keep her for a while longer. 2010(10) 102,000 Miles with full Dealer history Recent brakes,radiator and water pump. Dechromed window trims (Painted not wrapped) and rear badges blacked out but only plasti dip so can go chrome again. 11 months MOT (no advisories) Fantastic condition only just painted the bonnet ,wings and rear bumper myself and have pictures of this. Private plate will be removed £18,995 o.n.o
  6. One thing I’ve thought of is “Do we have to put super unleaded in our cars?” Since having it I’ve only put super in but may change to the standard if it’s ok.
  7. Not facelift no, think it’s the last of the pre facelifts
  8. That’s my wife’s car who also needs it for work so can’t really use that. I could use the F less but I just feel like what’s the point. I like to use my cars daily, if only the tax was pay as you drive. £55 a month for it to sit on the drive is just nuts. I’ve only myself to blame I know. I’ve had 4 is’s before and always fancied an F so at least it’s another box ticked I suppose. Give it a couple of weeks and I may change my mind you never know
  9. Hey guys As everyone’s aware of the current state of the fuel prices I’m beginning to regret buying my F. With the tax also being so high I think maybe I was a bit foolish to buy it and maybe should have been more sensible. I was just wondering what people thoughts are on what I would put it up for as the prices seem a bit high at the moment and Im not sure any are actual changing hands. Mine is 2010 (10) 102,300 miles full Lexus history New Mot just fitted new radiator and water pump. Overall condition is very good and I’ll be painting the bonnet and wings to sort out some big stone chips before being advised. 2 keys. Wheels are spotless
  10. I saw that and yes a very good opportunity to buy some tips. Throw the bumper away looks ruined.
  11. Passed its MOT Monday with no advisories just how I like it! Really enjoying the car although quite painful in the wallet area lol
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