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  1. Happy Birthday blueis200!

  2. Chris could you send me a price for 60,000 service as is due on 29/9/2005 and let me know what 60000service entails cheers mate. Steve. :D
  3. Did you have your aircon on, this sometimes makes the engine sound different i have notice an intermitent clicking when engine is running with aircon on, also power steering pump can change engine noise if you turn wheels when idleing engine. may not be either but worth a thought?
  4. Its amazing how many different models there are that don't come to uk< i was there in Japan for a month in july and saw many models of cars by toyota that we never see. They have a MPV called ALPHARD that had Lexus badge on and the toyota MARKX has similar lines to lexus, they also have a 4x4 coming out lexus LX470 next year that looks just like the landcruiser if you surf around japanese web sites you will see many models
  5. sounded quiet compared to exhaust tone you get from 200 but reading reports they have put extra insulation in the new model, i've just found news cutting from japanese times and it says they will launch a new model LS sedan next spring based on a remodeled toyota celsior this will be there flagship of the Lexus brand
  6. did'nt get chance to drive was picked up by chauffer in one from Unisuki station in Kurobe where i was based very nice and quiet seemed slightly wider than 200 when i was in plenty off legroom in rear, although japanese people are all little so driver had seat well forward, interior was very plush and layout was nice with nav unit as standard in centre.iIt was an Automatic as everyone drives auto in japan although i think they would like manual as they are always using auto L,2,3,D gears like a manual not like me stick in drive and go. I must say that body shape is very nice to see real life photo's dont do it justice.
  7. Sadly was not expecting to see or travel in one at time so did not have camera with me . But will hopefully get some info and pics from colleague out there who's due in UK in October, i have set him the challenge to get what info and pics he can fingers crossed.
  8. Posted this into wrong forum but never mind you will all see. :o
  9. Hi everyone , well i've just returned from Japan after 1 month on company business and been out in new is250 for a ride very nice i must say, in Japan it is called the 250G theres quite a few around already they are just set to launch the Lexus brand in Japan In november as they were always badged as toyota and have just been building 70+ Lexus showrooms around the country. The 250 is priced at 3,900,000 yen for opening range £19,000.00 or top of range fully loaded for 5,000,000 yen £25,000.00 a lot cheaper than the UK price, there is 5% tax to go on that price, but still a good price. But there are some nice motors out there mainly toyota's i've never seen toyota launch 5 new models every year for japan alone. So my advice is for you all to hire a ship and ship your new cars from japan, lo l
  10. Welcome to LOC My first was a 1976 MK3 cortina 2.0 estate , this could be a good link to what LOC members drove as thier first car.
  11. Me and her indoors have £6.00 a week at home, also she plays £2.00 week at wok in syndicate and me £4.00 a week in two syndicates at work,but still hav'nt made a fortune £200 max win. Though a colleague where i was working won 11million on a rollover never came back to work but put a private function on at local hotel all paid for food and drink, but he never came i wonder why? :D
  12. RH side fog on e-bay dont know whether its the one you need but worth a look
  13. Took mine in last month to chester a month prior to test, jayne was very helpfull , they don't do MOT's at there place yet, they take it down the road. gave me courtesy car whilst in. But failed on tyre worn, as they dont mot thereself mot station would not fit new spare so car failed and had to take back week later as it was to late on the day. but jayne gave me a nice bottle of red and white wine for the inconvinience.
  14. Just had first mot and failed on tyres, fitted new but noticed the inside edge on all tyres worn to excess. So after reading i feel i need to have the cars geometry setup checked. Question is does anyone know anyone in or around the warrington area that can do, and if so how much will this cost. Asked at lexus chester and they said there setup kit was broke and could'nt do at the moment. Would this be covered on warranty?