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  1. Hello LOC! just new here after being a long-standing owner over many years and keenly following forums in that time. brief Lex history: 1. GS 430 V8 2. GS 430 V8 again 3. GS 460 V8 (the special one!) 4. GS 300h 5. LS600hL Premier (the king) Others in the family including CT 200h & IS 300h look forward to exchanging notes with colleagues here!
  2. Excellent little car, very well built, super comfortable seats and refinement, cheap to run. Definitely go for post 14 facelift model for better ride which is still sporty and feels well connected with the road, in slight contrast to my LS600!
  3. CT a great car, averaging around 46mpg but can easily be higher depending on conditions. Main point to note is it has a 2 gallon reserve tank after range shows 0 so that is about 90-100 miles. You can comfortably refill at around 425m and still have some left in reserve tank. Just don't panic as trip will say 0 range!
  4. The LS is a great car. I have the facelift LS600hL referred to by Graham, really unique and rare car, only seen one other on the road! Really stands out in the sea of S, 7 & A8s and amazing build quality. I bought LS after having 4 GSs, did not fancy new ES as plasticky interior quality not a patch on GS so went for approved used LS instead, still smiling! Graham - would be really interested to have your comments on 600 v 500 in terms of drive, feel, ride, comfort, refinement etc.
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