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  1. Vaillant are the Lexus of the boiler world but they are German so not quite as reliable as Japanese!
  2. My worst purchase was definitely a Ferroli combi central heating boiler we had in our last house,it was terrible. It's speciality was when the hot tap was turned on it would trip out the heating. We replaced it with a Vaillant.
  3. Thanks Nemesis, yes,this is the reason
  4. Thanks guys,that link takes me to the same vague info that's on the DVLA site.
  5. I've had a phone call from my dealer this week regarding a recall which has to be done ,I'm a bit vague about exactly what the problem is but have been told it's about 2 hours work. I know the Toyota side of the business had a few issues with recalls years ago but is this a bit unusual for Lexus?
  6. Drivers who just can't be bothered to use their indicators while I wait at a roundabout to see which way they're going. We all have an idea who are the worst culprits.
  7. What a find your car is David, love the colour . I'm new to the world of Luxus so I've started noticing them on the road a lot more. I love the fact that there are so many immaculate, well kept older cars about that owners really look after. Maybe the product is so good that they are kept rather than traded in.
  8. My wife and I don't really give names to cars but I do usually say that it's our car but this Lexus is most definitely MY car !!
  9. ALAW, my last Skoda was a 2017 Yeti which was a great car but my nephew has had a couple of Lexus's ( Lexii ?) and I became interested in the brand. I'll see if can do a pic or two.
  10. Hello, After 15 happy years with various Skodas I bought a pre registered UX with Premium Pack 4 months ago and am absolutely delighted with it
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