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  1. TTE dont make is200 side skirts do they? It would be modifications even if its dealer option.
  2. is a V5 document still required to buy new set of plates still? i got some new custom size ones still legal fonts My mate owning a accesory shop got some made up for me & i didnt require to show a copy. he got a number plate making facility.
  3. Concepts cars you see at motorshows & car magazines, what happens to them afterwards say after few yrs, 3 yrs, 10yrs etc? concept cars like the Honda SSM, basis for the S2000(i think), Toyota Funtime, basis for the Yaris & Mazda RX-01 & that Lexus cant remember the name that was in the film minority reports along with lot of other cars.... these cars are one offs and lot of them are basis of production cars on sale today. do they end up in a musuem or something or someone end up buying it as a collectors item. i always wonder.
  4. i got PIAA real white reverse lights, the bulbs are blue but very white when lit. would they fail? the lighting very white compared to OEM bulb
  5. just n oticed this thread! look OK not something i get or atleast not now, may of done few yrs ago well f&f style neon ones! if these are the latest craze (as f&f neon ones few yrs ago) then the saxo/fiesta boys all be buying them for the cars soon! as long as the car isnt too low i know lot of people that had neon lights but lot of them did have got them either damaged from car being lowered or water getting to it due to not well made!
  6. i do like the new BMW 6 series, seen a few now, Very nice indeed,mighty fine! cant see how anyone could diss it
  7. i always had the impression modified cars wont increase the value of it & i even had people saying if anything it de value it as is not in original factory state. why do lot of people take bits off when they sell the car? instead of increasing the price & making a killing. i mean a car with say £20k worth of mods on a £3k car, youre not gonna add £20k on top of it to make it £23k are ya?? i mean few yrs back a vauxhall nova 2.5 i think was featured in maxpower, they claim is the most expensive nova in the uk worth £30k + if the owner is to sell it, as everything been uprated from bod
  8. a insurance thread be useful considering there been alot of questions about insuring a IS200 & be useful for young drivers of where best to go/try & not to go & who insure u & who wouldnt & experiences etc..... lots of other forums like the celica club & subaru owners clubs etc have insurance threads that proved helpful.
  9. what happened to NZ lexusownersclub? seems to be dead for a while now & their gallery is gone.
  10. Eclipse_dude


    & no reserve! thought these cars hold the value quite well. cheap price even for 90k miles!
  11. or just ask the company reccomendation. they should tell u whats legal or not, i shall think....being in the trade they know if they dont know, run.
  12. looked at the new Banzai today, saw a article with lots of MR2, it was the national meet for the MR2, there was over 1000 MR2 at that gathering & that was back in 2000 there trying to beat the record on their nxt meet. something like that i should think is an official meet. what is the likely chance of lexus owners club doing something like that? or perhaps not....
  13. just readinf through some old posts & came accross one made long time ago. you stated you bought the altezza as 86000km advertised but it turned out to be 186,000km from a report back from japan.......thats 115,000m converted woa!!& also the 'slight' damage from inside the boot when someone hit into it, those pictures looked bit bad? was all this sorted out on the end?
  14. my mate was looking at one of these last yr, insurance cost way too much so got an 1997 Impreza WRX STi instead, cheaper to insure! & wouldnt know where to start for modifications & body kits for this nissan silvia.
  15. saw one the other week,is a 1st generation GS300 it had the word 'legato' inside the middle of the rear reflector panel. was this such a model?
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