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  1. Happy Birthday Jon Evans!

  2. A quick post really - I noticed that my LS was taking ages to warm up, and on particularly cold days wasn't even up to temperature after a 25 mile drive to work. I got my local garage to replace the thermostat and now it's back to normal. The temperature gauge starts moving before I even get to the end of our road, and the car is warm and toasty after 3 or 4 miles. Worth checking out if your car is slow to heat up.
  3. It's for the phone aerial (imprinted in the rear screen like the heater elements). There's a cable from the aerial to the boot, and there's also a second cable from the boot to the armrest between the front seats. I believe there was a Lexus phone system which mounted in the boot, but the option was also there to connect the two cables together in the boot and use the external aerial for a phone mounted in the armrest.
  4. I wish mine had heated windscreen washer nozzles. They were quite often blocked when we had the really cold weather, even though I was using neat washer fluid.
  5. Just bought a new battery for my LS400. It was only ~£65 from Lexus Milton Keynes. Kwik Fit wanted £98 and another tyre place in Banbury wanted £103. Trivially easy to fit as well, especially compared to my old 7 Series where you needed to remove the (electric) rear seat base.
  6. I sometimes use it as a "chauffeur" mode. There's a phenomenon I first noticed when I was a teenager - when you're giving a lift to your parents, their neck muscles instantly atrophy to the point where the slightest dab on the accelerator results in their head snapping back into the headrest. Snow mode smooths out your driving to help stop this annoying practice. :)
  7. I filled my tank with super unleaded when it was almost totally empty a couple of weeks ago. It was the only thing they had and I was running on fumes. It's the first time I've used anything other than standard unleaded since I bought the car 5 years ago. I noticed zero difference in performance! Can't really compare MPG because usually I drive around country lanes, but when I refilled I spent most of the weekend doing motorway cruising.
  8. My uncle had a black F355 a few years ago. My aunt accidentally reversed her VW Touareg up the bonnet. Oops. :)
  9. Just got the torch out of the boot toolkit and the batteries were badly corroded. Make sure you replace the batteries occasionally to stop this happening! I'd suggest maybe once a year would be a good schedule.
  10. Yeah, that doesn't sound right. It should still open easily when you lift it. Jon
  11. I think I remember reading somewhere that the boot on the LS (all models) is designed to only pop open an inch or so, rather than all the way. This is so your luggage doesn't get too wet if it's raining. Jon
  12. I always get the VSC warning when the battery has been disconnected, but it disappears after about 10 seconds. In your case something else was wrong too, but I just wanted to point out that the VSC warning after battery disconnect is nothing to worry about, unless it stays on. Jon
  13. Hi, This is a repair I did ages ago, I've only just written it up though. Enjoy. Jon
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