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  1. Ignore above. Thanks Ed useful info particularly the width bit, i have a few narrow lanes to get through so that may well influence things. I took Vasileios suggestion about Lexus Bolton, they have their ex showroom RX available going to do some numbers on a PCP, 5 figure discount plus 2% ish interest could be very interesting, I could dump the remaining cash into my pension, and pay off the final payment in 3 years when I pack it all in with a bit of my lump sum.
  2. Thanks, was looking cash purchase but I'd be open to PCP, I've leased for the last 8 years , but decided to buy as the monthlies were almost £300 per month more thi stime around. If you have any links to said deals I'd be gratetful
  3. Andrew , thanks yes RX a big car , previously in an AudiA4 Avant so similar length / width, live in rural Shropshire so it would only be the supermarket and various multi story car parks where size could be an issue, deffinitely test drive will help in the decsion making. Typically one RX I have mind is in Wolverhampton, and a couple of NX's at Chester Lexus, opposite directions !
  4. Seeking advice on my dilemma which Lexus to choose. Budget is around £30k, I'm a couple of years from retirement so this will be a long term car for me. The running costs and servicing is not really a concern, as I guess they will be in the same ball park. Driving is the usual round town stuff with the occasional 1-200 mile work trip plus 400 mile round trip to see the grandchildren once or twice a year. It may be my perception but the NX sub forum seems to have owners with a few more niggles or minor issues with the car compared to the RX,. I'd be graetful if any forum member could offer any advice particularly if the build, ride experience and performance from the bigger RX is the better choice compared to the slightly smaller, better fuel economy newer NX I could get for my budget. Other than leather , heated seats parking sensors and cruise I don't think I need the greater options some of the higer spec models bring. Thanks in advance, of any advice, a couple of contenders below: 2.5 5dr cvt [premium pack]/?finances[payment]=581.32&finances[deposit]=1000&finances[productName]=Personal Contract Purchase&finances[term]=36&finances[productType]=Personal Contract Purchase&finances[annualMileage]=10000&finances[percentageDeposit]=
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