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  1. Looking for an IS200 front grill (standard) ?
  2. Have a standard is200 grille. Anybody want one?. Either pop round for it or pick up the cost for postage - let me know (may have a small insect collection on it but other than that it's fine - well certainly is for free anyway) Cheers jenners.
  3. Just my tuppence. Having been a Lexus driver for nearly 3 years - but now have an X5 - I can honestly say that I still don't misuse my fog lights ! - I see plenty of Is200's with their front fogs on but I wouldn't put all Lexus drivers in the same category of driving with their fogs on all the time ! :D
  4. Anyone interested in the Thule roof rack system?. I have the complete kit from Thule for the IS 200 - these are the Aero bars (silver in colour). Price for the lot £60 (cost £120 new) Any takers let me know.
  5. Jimmy, Have you tried AutoTrader online? - I sold mine through them - £15 for 6 weeks on the web and all the editing you want i.e. price / description changes etc etc. Had a lot of callers in the first week and sold it the second week. Pretty good deal I thought !
  6. ...and I thought special heaters came out at the front to melt all the snow to provide a snow-free surface to drive on ! - well you learn something new everyday !
  7. Well I don't personally know a Miss Lie but if she's as big as you are suggesting she is then I suspect she would be capable of sinking LOC and the QE2 !!!
  8. Haven't noticed myslef although it could be in the same school of thought with the reversing beep to remind you are are reversing - this could be a similar concept to let you know you are turning the steering wheel
  9. Click here for thread with photo's of pitting wheels
  10. double standards there ! - in one sentence you say you were travelling through the alps with sp9000's on and then tell us to use our common sense - sp9000s are not winter tyres I don't expect to the snow button to do anything - now that I know it does nothing
  11. Rather than watchdog - I'd consider using the AutoExpress people. They always have a weekly section on car owners having 'problems' Seems when AutoExpress get involved everthing seems to sort itself out. To be honest, I wouldn't expect to see Lexus appearing in that section - hopefully it won't come to that and they see the light of day !
  12. Except if the car was bought outside the UK but within Europe ! :D I believe Lexus GB are treading on dodgy ground with regard to European laws on treating goods bought within Europe differently. I don't mind passing on any savings I made on my purchase but in the long run, whislt the UK (including dealers and consumers alike) treat the cars differently there will always be the large difference in price between the UK and our european counterparts.
  13. All mine were replaced under warranty for the reason that javadude mentioned. i.e. the drum was looking corroded. I wasn't sure whether it was corroding so that it was dangerous or just that it didn't look very good ! - wasn't complaining though !. I would persue it if I were you - made a little but trickier that you have done the 60K miles though but still worth persuing - I mean if they chose to mention it at the 60K service - did they not spot it at the 50K service or had it suddenly started corroding since then ?
  14. I remember hearing about this same thing on tv about a month ago - can't remember which programme - sorry Seems that if it did work then it would very useful - however, aren't car thieves these days too clever - I mean what's stopping them from removing the number plate for a start and then replacing it with another one with a 'forged' chip - it never takes them long to catch up with new regulations/technology and find a way around it.
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